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Kala Afghana Parchaar


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my question to sangat and the moderators is, why ban the kala afghana/anti dasam/anti singh sabha/ etc etc type parchaar?

if anything we should allow people post so that knowledgeable people can refute them

everyone should be able to share their thoughts, hell if we look into the past history of this forum we had some muslim members arguing that Guru Nanak was a Muslim. that debate was allowed to carry out, which in my mind is a lot more offensive then kala afghana/anti dasam/anti singh sabha/rss parchaar etc


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Yes i agree with you there. This forum does not believe in censorship or banning people at the first resort lot of warnings are given out before full banning can be put in place, with that being said, every effort should be made to prevent any blunt direct attacks against gurmat sidhant, gurbani in form of sri guru granth sahib ji and sri dasam granth sahib ji, bhai gurdas ji varan, bhai nand lal writing, guru sahiban without any type of discussion or debate. We have a right to put certain members under moderation to ensure that quality of this forum does not degrade but those members who are put under moderation can be rest assured on receiving fair treatment by the sevadars of this website and this is shown through recent examples of approving all moderated messages within 24 hr time period, giving members who are under moderation an chance or an opportunity to improve how/way they express their opinions. If messages of those members who are under moderation are not approved within 24 hrs, they encourage to contact sevadars of this website via pm and they are also encouraged to make a back up of each post they make just in case if any kind of re-submission is required. Freedom of speech comes with the responsibility/accountability so certain measures like putting people under moderation or editing their bits of post are needed to ensure quality of the forum and maintain respect for Gurmat Sidhant. We try to be fair with everyone regardless if that mindset is misguided or not.

If you guys any suggestions how website is being handled. Please share.. I be happy to discuss it with our team and see if we can implement them.

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