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Pictures Of Ragis


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Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone has pictures or photos of Ragis or Kathakars from any age. Either from the present or from way back. The main ragis I'm interested in are:

Bhai Amul Singh (they performed Kirtan in the leicester area of the UK in the 70's and 80's)

Bhai Avtar Dilbagh Singh

Bhai Balkar Singh Multani

Bhai Bhagwant Singh

Bhai Chattar Singh

Bhai Devinder Singh (the puratan ragi not Bhai Devinder Singh Sodhi)

Bhai Gurdial Singh Rasia

Bhai Harjinder Singh (Faridkot Vale)

Bhai Jaswinder Singh (The one who sang 'Koi Bole Ram Ram' in the old skool Texla Vision ad's before the kirtan videos)

Bhai Kalyan Singh (Lucknow Vale)

Bhai Karnail Singh Dhiraj

Bhai Kulbir Singh (Takhsal Vale)

Bhai Piara Singh (the puratan one - famous for his rendition of 'Tu Hi Nisani Jeet Ki')

Bhai Rajinder Singh (the one who died fairly early in life, early 40's I think)

Bhai Sant Singh (old ragi, famous for singing slow yet traditional kirtan)

Bhai Sohan Singh Rasia

Bhai Surjeet Singh (Was known to do kirtan in the Derby area of the UK)

Thats pretty much it so far, Hope you can all help. ;)

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