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Sevapanthi Warriors?


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Basically just interested to know have there been any examples in the past of sevapanthi singh sipahis? Considering some of them do take amrit, did any of them take part in any battles? I know sevapanthis live a totally pacifist life but is this more a choice or is it a compulsory rule to abide by once initiated into the order?


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I believe they teach shastar vidiya at goniana mandi, bathinda. This year when mahant kahn singh ji came, 2 singhs came, both did gatka, but warriors as such im not sure, i think they are more inclined to the sant side of sikhi, but then they are warriors for doin as much simran and paatth as they do, trhe amount of parchaar and charitable work done by the sevapanthis is unimaginable.

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