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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa

Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh !

Please view the shocking video of Shinder (Singh) who converted to Christianity due to illness, he tells his own tragic story of how the Sikhs failed to support him in his hour of need .Unfortunately there are many Shinders in rural Punjab who have not been able to access the richness of the many Golaks in the Gurdwaras.Its too late for him but we can try to help others in his situation



Khalsa Aid (KA) has been setting up an aid program for the most vulnerable and poor Sikh families in rural Punjab who are fast becoming targets of deras (cults ), drug dealers and Christian Missionaries etc.We will be utilising the infrastructure of our local partners in Punjab ( Gurmat Gian Missionary College ) to launch a program of financially assisting the poor Sikh families.

This program will include extending Punjab Underprivileged Rural Empowerment (PURE) project, which includes sponsoring children's education and medical assistance for the families of these kids.We will be setting up traditional and spiritual camps in villages which include Kirtan, Katha and visits to the most poor families in the villages by our Pracharaks.The camps will be held for 2 days at a time, each camp will cover at least 10 villages and full Langar will be served during the duration of each camp.

There will also be a opportunity in the camps for the poor Sikh families to register their children with Khalsa Aid for free education through our PURE project. All the sponsored children will be expected to attend Gurbani classes twice a week and the whole family must keep away from drugs, tobacco and alcohol. Our Pracharaks ONLY believe in Guru Granth Sahib Ji as the eternal Guru of the Sikhs and following of dears,babas and any other living "Gurus" WILL BE VEHEMENTLY DISCOURAGED.

We would like any member of the Sangat who will be travelling to Panjab to join our "GIVE US A DAY " campaign. This campaign is to encourage our present generation in the west to see the real raw poverty and social issues which are facing rural Punjab.Our local team will take you to meet the children we are sponsoring. We will arrange all transport and a meal for the participants of this scheme for the day, all we ask is ONE day from yourselves.

It is vital that we the Sikhs in the west help those who have stood shoulder to shoulder with our grandparents in the villages in their time of need.I remember the Punjab i left in 1981, the whole village was a strong community and we all shared each others pains etc.But now the sunshine of our Punjab has been replaced with a dark cloud of hopelessness and social evils like drugs etc.It is our collective duty to face the truth and tackle these issues head on.

It will not be easy to implement this program as our Pracharaks have already faced many challenges from local "sants,deras " etc but the Sevadars remain in Chardi Kalan and with Gurus grace they will continue to be determined Sevadars of the Panth.

Our next phase consists of appointing Pracharks as Chaplains in all major hospitals in Punjab so that we can give the bereaved Sikhs guidance through Gurbani to deal with their loss. PLEASE FORWARD THIS MAIL TO OTHERS !

We can only carry out Seva with YOUR blessings ,we will need your support to carry out and expand this program so please donate generously !

TO DONATE PLEASE CLICK ON>>>>> http://www.khalsaaid.org/donate.html

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa

Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh !

On behalf of Bhai Ravinder Singh

Khalsa Aid

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