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Bhai Sahib Randheer Singh jee & The Seva Panthi Mahant

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Bhai Sahib Randheer Singh jee & The Seva Panthi Mahant

By Bhai Darshan Singh jee GaRguj

Translated by Admin www.tapoban.org

In 1941 I received a letter from Srinagar, by Bhai Sahib, that asked me to attend the Akhand Paath and Keertan Smaagam at S. Harnam Singh Daar jee's home in Abbotabad. I replied that I would attend. By Satguru jee's grace, I arrived. This smaagam took place in the first week of October.

The Akhand Paath Saahib concluded and Akhand Keertan began. I remember clearly that during the keertan, Mahant Karam Chand of Shaah Jeevanaa Mandee Dist. Jhang (from Bhai Ghanaeeyaa jee's Seva Panthi order), came and sat right in front of Bhai Sahib. Mahant jee, in his own respect, maintained a lot of respect an honour from the community. I was sitting very close to Bhai Sahib as well. The seventh PauRee, "Sayv keetee Santokheeiee(n)…" concluded and Bhai Sahib gently asked me, "who is this devotee?"

Mahant jee's beard was very beautiful but he had cut his hair and had a white cap (traditional to many Seva Panthis) on his head. He used to go around in this form only. In response to Bhai Sahib jee's question, I answered that this was Mahant Karam Chand from the seat established in Shaah Jeevanaa Mandee. Bhai Saahib then said, "Now I will see him again, only in Khalsa form." What were these words? It was like a mystical arrow, which cut across a period of eight years and finally hit its target.

It is said that in 1948, Mahant Karam Chand and some followers went to Sree Hazoor Saahib for a pilgrimage. One evening, this group was in the parkarma of Sree Takhat Saahib jee when they received a vision of Dasam Paatshaah. This was not only a vision, but Guru jee's following words hit them like arrows: "What kind of sham appearance have you made for yourself?"

Mahant jee's heart could not bear this blow and he became faint. His followers were with him and they began to massage his hands and feet. After quite a while, when he became aware again, he said "According to the previous program, we will not depart tomorrow, we will stay here 10 or 20 more days." In these days, he received the gift of amrit. From Karam Chand he became Hardarshan Singh.

The next year, in 1949, Ludhiana's Kalgeedhar Singh Sabha Gurdvara was having a RaN Sabaaiee Keertan when Hardarshan Singh came and sat right in front of Bhai Sahib again. When he came and sat down, my mind recalled Bhai Sahib's words eight years previous. The RaN Sabaaiee began with the shabad "Sayvee(n) satgur aapaNaa har simree(n) din sabh raN."

When the shabad finished, I asked Bhai Sahib who was the person in front of him. He immediately replied that this was the devotee from Abbotabad who had now become a Guru kaa Singh.

http://www.tapoban.org/phorum/read.php?f=1...1&i=2611&t=2611 ://http://www.tapoban.org/phorum/read....&i=2611&t=2611

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