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Which Nihang Dal Is Have Best Stallion


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Is the peoples this forum know which Nihang dal is having best stallion in the Punjab.

I do the see Bidhi Chand famous stallion and he is the good height and having the nice temperament. I not see very good stallion in the bageecha bagh big as famous bidhi chand stallion but they have the nice ablak stallion and the colt.

I see the lot Nihang have the Sindhi horse which is the very rare in the whole india.

Any the peoples this forum have the nice photo the nihang horse at them astable can post or show in the photo forum this board then I thank you.

Also does the anyone knowing why the Nihang not do keep filly or mare but just keeping the good colt and stallion.

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This is being the photo the Baba Avtar Singh Ji of Bidhi Chand stallions. If you do want do the cover your mares then you having do the ask the Baba Ji. If he doing the agree then you can do have the foal with this stallion but if the foal is being the colt then you having give them to the Nihang but if it being the filly then you can do the keep its. He is the bestest big height marwari stallion in the all punjab with the 16.4 hand height.

This is the photo taking Muktsar 2009. The horse is the win the prize them do prize but this is the corruption i thinking because the all first prize is being for the badal horses only.

This is being the other stallion photo is the keep by the nihang.



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