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Immortal Productions Inquilab Zindabad - Long Live The Revolution


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Immortal Productions - Inquilab Zindabad [NEW Album] Out 25th April - IP8

Check http://www.shaheedi.com for more info

Track: G.N.E - Souljas Story

Track: XS-BASS ft. Lucky Sidhu - Kurbani

Track: Purehitmakers ft. Sikander Khalon - No More Jokes On Sardars

Track: Inside Man (Nikka Sev) ft. Jagowale - Khalsa Bhindranwala

Track: Inside Man (Nikka Sev) ft. Meshi Manak And Sanjeev Jalalabadi - Panth Khalsa

Track: Sikh Unit, Caveman, S.A.B.R.I.N.A. And Kaurtion - Wasted Time

Track: Amarjeet 'Rana' Bolla & J Flex - Sikhi

Track: Moneyspinner, Time Productions ft. Balwinder Matewaria - Fake Babeh

Track: Highflyers ft. Dalbir Singh Dardi - Khalsa

Track: Tigerstyle - Motorcycle

Sample Video now uploaded onto youtube: http://www.youtube.c...h?v=Zus5H_BGVhQ All samples combined in a video for

easy listening. Embedding is enabled so please post and embed it where

ever it may help in creating awareness. Out 25th April, more info coming

soon... God Bless :)

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