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Social Welfare Society In Ludhiana Punjab (India)


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Guru Nanak Nishkam Sewa Society is a Society that truly help poor people not only in punjab but also in India. The society has some Targets for meet that targets Guru Nank Nishkam Sewa Society work hard. you can see the previous work done by The Society and get inform about the future activities.

Motive of the Society :

To make arrangement of education for needy Children.

To make arrangement of marriage of needy girls

according to Guru Maryada

To provide financial help to widows.

To organize camps of drug de addiction of

drug addicts in rural area.

To create awareness by organizing camps against

female in foeticide and dowry system.

To provide mobile dispensary for rural people.

To teach children Martial Arts.

To organize Social Programs and Competitions.

To make arrangement for filtered water for rural people.

To make arrangement for teaching moral education

and establish sangeet institutions.

Rehabiliation Programs in all states

For more information about Guru Nank Nishkam Sewa Society on


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Mass Marriage Ceremony of 1100 Poor Girls


Why should you worry about the Girls Marriage?

Stop killing Girl Child in the Mother’s Womb.

Get the Blessing of Guru Nanak Dev Ji

1100 Girls Wedding Ceremony

Guru Nanak Health and Education Society


Mass Marriage Ceremony


Gurudwara Sahib Sheeda, (M.P.)

Sri Viswahkarma Dham, Guna, Madhya Pradesh.


it is humble appeal to the public kindly contribute in the form of cash or material for the mass marriage ceremony. Ceremony would be incomplete without your kind co-operation.


Ceremony will be done on Thursday, May. 05, 2011.

Timing: 0700 hrs to 1700 hrs.

Visit http://www.gurunanaknishkamsewasociety.com/Free-Marriage-of-1100-Poor-Girls.html for the latest news for the mass marriage ceremony

Note: One Girls Marriage expenses would be Rs.15,000/-

Courtesy: Residents of Jarg and

Members of Guru Nanak Nishkam Sewa Society, Jarg, District Ludhiana, Punjab

Gurdwara Sahib Shaeeda, (M.P.),

Shri Vishwakarma Dham and Vishwa Kunda,

Agra Bombay Road, Highway # 3,

Baadora, District Guna, Madhya Pradesh.

Mobile # 95893-93363, 99812-56406, 92160-92333

Visit for more information about

Guru Nanak Nishkam Sewa Society


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