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awesome shabads

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Shabad for stress relief


Bisar Gaee Sabh Tat Paraee,

Jab Tay Sadh Sangat Moh Paee, (Rahau)

Na Ko Bairi Nahi Bigana Sagal Sung Ham Kau Bun Aee,

Jo Prabh Keeno So Bhal Maniyo Eh Sumat Sadhoo Tay Paee,

Sabh Mah Rav Rahya Prabh Ekai Pekh Pekh Nanak Bigasaee.

(page 1299)

I have given up jealousy ever since i associated with the company of

saints. (pause)

No one is my enemy; none is stranger to me; I am the friend of all.

Whatever the Lord does is good. I got this sublime wisdom from the


The Lord pervades everything. Nanak is over-joyed seeing and beholding


JEALOUSY..literally the test means that i have forgotton to be concerned

with other persons.

WISDOM...wisdom lies in submission to the Will of God.

Recite after Nitnem, or any time of the day, with full love and devotion.

This can be recited anytime

Dhansari Mahla Panjva

Aukhi ghari na dekhan daiyee apna birdh samalay,

Hath daye rakhay apnay kau sas sas pritpalay,

Prabh siyu lag rahiyo mera cheet,

Aad ant Prabhu sada sahayee dhan hamara meet. (Rahau)

Mun bilas bhayay sahib kay achraj dekh badaee,

Har simar simar anand kar Nanak, Prabh pooran paij rakhaee.

The lord does not allow his servants to face their difficult hours alone; this is his prerogative.

With his protecting hand, He takes care of His own servants at every moment of their lives.

Let your heart remain attached to the Lord.

From the beginning of life to its end, the Lord is ever our Helper. How great is the Lord. (pause)

As if witnessing the marvellous greatness of the Lord, my heart is delighted.

The Lord will protect the honour of those, who meditate on him.

This is to be recited when one is scared, or before sleeping.

Bilawal Mahal Panjva

Tati vao na lagaee Parbrahm sarnaee,

Chaugird hamaray Ram kar dukh lagay na bhaee,

Satguru poora bhetiya jin banat banaee,

Ram nam aukhadh deeya eka liv laee (Rahau)

Rakh leeyay tinn rakhanhar sabh biyadh mitaee,

Kah Nanak kirpa bhaee Prabh bhyay sahaee.

Hot wind blows not over him who is under the protection of the supreme lord.

On all the four sides is the lord's protecting circle and so pain does not disturb me, O brother!

I have met the perfect Guru who has made me as he desired. He has blessed me with the medicine of the Lord's Name as remedy and I am in tune with Him now. (Pause)

The protector-Lord had saved me and cured me of all my maladies.

Nanak says:"The Lord had extended his grace to me and given me His support."

HOT WIND: or ill wind stands for anxieties and misfortunes. It has no effect on God's devotees.

The MYSTIC CYCLE has the effect of warding off danger, if one remains inside it. Lord Rama had drawn a mystic circle around his wife Sita while living in the forest.

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