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Kirtan Hub Now Running


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a new hub for sharing kirtan has been set up. Its a Direct connect hub so in order for you to join this hub, you will need the DC++ software which you can download from here


Once you have installed it. Join the hub by entering our hub address which is


and click connect

Hope to see you there

fateh ji

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nuff diwans gonna be distributed now :P

i jus been on it now and theres a few people in there but they aint talkin they away :?

but theres a sikhism quiz bot sorta thing which u may have seen b4 if uve used mIRC which is pretty good :)

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Guest kaur1699

Fateh Ji,

I have found this hub to be very useful.

I am also a reg there and at the moment the following is available from me (more to come!) –

GNNSJ - Kirtan

Kirtan 1979

Chaupai Sahib

Jaap Sahib

Kirtan – Kericho 2003

New Years Eve – 2002

Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s Gurpurb

Baba Ji’s 19th and 20th Barsi’s

Vadey Bhai Sahib’s 9th Barsi


Japji Sahib

Jaap Sahib

Twae Parshad Swayae

Chaupai Sahib

Anand Sahib

Shabad Hajare

Sukhmani Sahib

And various other Shabads by various people plus photo’s and video clips and from Shaheed Bhai Amrik Singh (Walsall) Camp…

Come along and share whatever you have aswell :D

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fateh singhs/singhnia, i have slight problem not sure if anyone will be able to help me out.

basically i'm at uni and i use the uni connection (it's a 10Mb connection :D ), however they've banned all file sharing software like kaaza etc (not to bothered about that, coz i didnt use it to much anyway) but this also means i cant access the hub to upload/download kirtan :(

does anyone know how to get round this problem? if u do can u let us know?

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