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Static Contraction Training: How I Lose 100Lbs By Doing Nothing, And Am Still Getting Stronger.


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Repost sikh sangat it is amrit vela but my kirtan sohila time. So peace. ;)

I'll attach the e-books you do the googling.


New about it in grade 9 did once or twice in summer, got caught up in hood..

Fast forward 2-3 years close to 275+ was 182ish last month now 205+ but look skinner ( toohappy.gif )

Right now last time I went to gym was dec. 4th, will go proly next week?? Maybe later..

U start off 2x a week, and yea read the book. Goes against everything but sitting next to people who go regularily I am growing faster despite seeing like a lazy khota.


Protein, grains are bad avoid them but don't have an unhealthy relationship with food. I'm eating some oreos or sum ish right now. At the start of losing weight I watched it watched it, but grocery stores here suck so I get 'food' (w.e) so I eat cuz I'm hungry all the time now but I wasn't before.

Get .6-1+ g per kg of body weight protein per day. I recommend canadianprotein.com as you can get it in bulk the cheapest price and last time I ordered at ~10pm and got it around 2 pm the next day so less than 24hr. They in Windsor I'm in Toronto.


Centrum forte, b100, 2x omega 3 just because I didn't use to eat veges a lot now I do, but b100 makes me feel nice. Smile-big.png


I don't do it, cardio burns muscle but I got a battery bike now so I travel and pedal places but that's been not long.

Can I do this?

Yes you can, if you come in here and argue blah blah this won't work, um..

Your ignorance is your own strength.


Files: and Variations I have made:

I had an old zip I think I just rezipped the folder, I may have my old workout charts in there ignore the retarded bs I write those are my notes:

The book will tell you workout a and b, I split legs into c because 3-4 months ago I couldn't finish all of b due to Central Nervous System Exhaustion.

You will have stronger legs because you are black, so except to be gaining 1-200 each on a leg per workout. You will probably have to do split as well.

edit - Ok, had to use file hosting site will put link at top of post.

Why am I doing this? --

Just came off 2 years of house arrest/jail time in august, turning my life around, service to Every1?? lol.gif

Yall know the rest..

Wjk Wjf

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