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Barsi Advise

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Happy Vaisakhi!
Hello all
Need some advise on planning barsi for my father who passed away last year.
Don't have anyone to ask so was hoping the wider community could help.
Need to know when the barsi has to be done and what exactly has to be done.
Any information would be much appreciated.
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Simple Sukhmani Sahib should be okay.

My father passed away 8 years ago, i know each case is different, but for me all i needed was re-assurance which i found in sikhi that after death you don't disappear or annihalate into some black hole that soul is immortal it never dies or takes birth that sooner or later my father will through many life times will transcendent merge back to the source (paratma-Vahiguroo) where he came from or all of us came from.

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There is no such rule as such, as long by doing so it brings closure to the family. Sikh principles beleive don't mourn the death as death is truth and part of reincarnation cycle rebirth and death and main aim in sikhism to merge back with vahiguroo, thats where each one of us came from..!!

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