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Khalsa Does Not Mean Pure, We Are Body Of Guru!


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Sarbloh Granth Sahib is essential to understand the concept of the
Khalsa Panth. The word ‘Khalsa’ is Persian in origin meaning: pure,
unalloyed, with direct contact and responsibility of the owner. In the
Deccan and during the Mughal rule, land or property invested directly
for the ruler used to be called ‘Khalsa’. It is said that Bhagat Kabir
used this word for those who reject meaningless rituals and are attached
in true love with their Creator alone (Kaho Kabīr jan bhae Khālse Prem
Bhagati jih jānī) . The spiritual and temporal meaning of this word
appealed to the Tenth Guru. He has employed it extensively in the
Sarbloh Granth Sahib:
‘Ātam ras jo jānahī so hai Khālsā dev. Prabh mai mo mai tās mai raṅchak nāhin bhev.’
is the one who experience the bliss of the Super-Soul. There is no
difference between God, me (Guru Gobind Singh) and him.’
‘Khālsā mero rūp hai khās. Khālse meṅ hau karo niwās’
‘The Khalsa is my special form. I reside in the Khalsa’
‘Khālsā Akāl Purakh kī Phauj. Pragaṭio Khālsā Paramātam ki mauj.’
‘Khalsa is God’s own legion. The Khalsa is manifest due to the Supreme-Soul’s own wish.’
note that in Akali Hazura Singh’s exegesis, the Khalsa is the liberated
form of Nirankar (Prāpati Niraṅkarī sivrūp mahānaṅ.), not Shiv ji, as
some misled Snatan revivalists are trying to claim.
publication also contains the verses narrating the Gurgaddī passing to
the Guru Granth Sahib and Guru Khalsa Panth, the importance of Vāhigurū
mantra, and the Das grāhī-Das tiāgī (Ten virtues to hold – Ten vices to
renounce) for the Khalsa, orated by Guru Gobind Singh.



Everything makes sense to me now,

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