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How To Deal With The Gun Control Nuts.


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We should start making bridges in America, a lot of the southern white nationalists know who Sikhs are and have love for them.

It's pretty obvious other minorities, especially blacks in the Northeast are as a tribe hostile to Sikhs (the lumpen proletariat element, not the gems of Sikhi present in all groups).

There are 500,000 Sikhs yet people think they can touch a Dastaar and live to tell about it (TSA).

It also doesn't help that we congregate in gun 'free' areas, and it takes a Wisconsin shooting to wake us up there.

People here have been carrying guns and shooting at each other since the 70s, lol.

Just some food for thought, I don't have the links since my family there is trigger happy so..

Just a shout out to the Sikh Chic people you may know, who hide their guns in the police station and the bullets in their


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