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~ Purpose Of Meditation ~


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Q. What is the purpose of meditation?

Adya. The purpose of meditation is to find the meditator. When you look for the meditator, you won't find him, her, or it. All you'll find is silent emptiness. In finding emptiness, the mind stops. If you let it, emptiness will stop the mind - unless you run back into samsara, into the mind's drama of thinking, striving, and confusion. When you allow emptiness to stop your mind, you'll awaken and realize that you are that emptiness. You'll realize that you are not the mind or the body or any meditative phenomena. You are emptiness. Emptiness means limitless, boundless, pure consciousness.

You are not a thing. You are not a body-thing or a mental-thing or an emotional-thing or a thing with a history in time. You are no-thing. You are consciousness itself. Let go of your attachment to thing-ness, and you will awaken to that which is the source of all things. You are that source. Go directly to that source. Don't waste your lifetime defining yourself as a thing. Wake up from that dream, and you are free."

~ Adyashanti

The Impact of Awakening

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