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I have seen in many pics of Sants, like Sant Isher Singh Ji and Sant Kishan Singh Rara Sahib Wale, and Sant Mohinder Singh Ji Jarg Sahib Wale where they have gardvi next to them with water while they're doing paath. Apparently this is to keep evil spirits from approaching them. Does anyone know why this works, is it only for Sants, is it the water? I would really like to have a further understanding please.

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To my best knowledge. Its not for sants to keep evil spirits away from them. But to help other people. I have heard sant maharaj rara sahib cured soo many people. These saints recite the same bani as we do. But their recitation of gurbani has more power than us. And gardvi is there to give other people water to either drink or sprinkled on their eyes. so that they can get cured since while they recite gurbani they touched gardvi so that water gets physically touched by cured person to get rid of phsyical health problems.

I hope that helps...

I guess more people can add to it but i think this is basic idea of having gardvi.

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