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Should Sikh's keep firearms

Guruka Sikh

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I am new to this forum so please forgive me if this topic has already been mentioned in the past. I am also still learning about sikhism so forgive my ignorance.

I live in the UK where we are not allowed to keep hand guns but it is legal to own a shotgun or rifle for as long as you have a licence. But I don't know of any sikhs with licenced firearms. I think this is odd as we have been blessed with the Kirpan by Guru Gobind Singh Ji, I understand a Kiran is not a firearm but mustn't we move with times, if in today's times we are required to stand up against injustice and have to turn to physical means shouldn't we be ready.

I am sorry if I have offended anybody please forgive me as this was not my intention. I look forward to reading what you think.



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Maybe the question should be why don't Sikh's in the UK keep licenced firearms, why it is not encouraged by our religious leader's, if we have gatka class's in our Gurdwara's why we don't have some sort of firearms club where we could organise clay pigeon shooting days out. I have been to a clay pigeon shoot it's not expensive and gets even cheaper if you have your own shotgun and there's no age limit just as long as you can manage the weight of the gun you can have a go.

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first we need to achieve everyone to learn gurmat. and focus on naam.   +Kirat+vand shakna

for amrit dhari people we must ensure that they can wear kirpan openly. EVERYWHERE they go +Including Airplanes

Yes we should advocate arms training. but most gurdwaras have to focus on NAAM and SatSangat
in the UK and in western countries we have Problems with basic maryada.  TABLES in langar hall.  

All these issues need waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh

satgur mehar karn

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