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Im 17 years old. Me and my mother is suffering from black magic. Before that spirit used to beat us do bad things with us and before 2 years there was a time when we didn't slept for straight  one year daytime or night time even tho my mother ne amrit chakya hoya and we used do path all the time after suffering from it for one year we went to a dera from where we were healed from the 7 day night time bani hearing (tariyan di chah niche) but when we came back home for almost one and half year we were  fine but not perfectly fine in between sometimes we could feel the presence but it couldn't harm us  it used to be there pressing our feets n be around us for few days n then it used to gow away or something it just used to make us feel its presence one in a while but from last 2 months that thing is doing the worst things its using us it keeps on scratching dancing around us jumping on our bed pressing our feets or any body part until it feels numb or extremely painful it kind of also uses us does all the bad stuff and we feel it we still do paths  and we believe that guru sahib ji one day will listen to us but we're tired of everything im just 17 and my mother is 40 we have been so harmed in all aspects physically mentally..  It never lets us sleep it keeps on touching us evrywhere doing all the bad stuff and harming us physically that cant be explained kind of using us too.its like if bani padhde te oh cheez pareshaan kardi rehndi but if muma bani padhde te ohna nu hi pareshaan krdi n i sleep for a while but i feel strange things in sleep too and kdi kdi kuch v hojaye bani padh rye sun rye ta v it keeps on doing what he does we are almost bankrupted our family is almost ruined bs kive v sb chl reya we can't even afford to go to any dera or get the akhand path done it feels as if we should all die  even babaji v ni sun rye  ardass accept ni kr rye  asi bht pareshaan hogye ha we have a gurdwara too in our home still these things are here and doing all this jiski koi limts v ni oh cheez as if kuch v krskdi te krdi sade naal  before it didnt used to enter the gurudwara but now it does sometimes  idk how it's doing so much harm  babaji to bht ardass kiti ae fr v. Plea tellme if anyone can tel us something related to path or all this what should we do? Please do tell me.. Anything koi v path in any specific way to get rid of this whatever he is. Please. 

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