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Astral projection in sikhi

Guest Singh

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Guest Singh

I had some questions about astral projection 

1. Is it possible to astral project and go to darbar sahib or meet other sants. If so astral projection can actually have purpose in allowing me in other country to have darshan of gurduawars across the world.

2. Is it ok to listen to stuff like binaural beats to induce astral projection for this purpose if possible?

3. Is it true that jamdoots can harm you in any way when you astral project? 

4. Is astral projection a hallucination of the mind or is it really 'real'? 

5. Does astral projection allow you to see other entities that cannot be normally seen by most people like these jamdoots or other gurmukhs?

6. Can simran continue when you astral project amd is it more powerful in that state? 

7. Is Samadhi related to astral projection and can one astral go to sachkhand and merge with waheguru. (I think probably not but I want to confirm with sangat)

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1. Yes. Yes.

2. Yes.

3. No, unless it is your time.

4. No. It is not a hallucination but it is also not the ultimate reality. It is another transient, dream like this 3D world.

5. Yes.

6. a) Yes. b) Not sure.

My knowledge of Astral Projection is limited to what I have researched and hear from other people who have claimed to have done it.

However with regards to Samadhi I can speak from some experience.

7. a) Samadhi is related to astral projection in that doing meditation will help you project your consciousness outside of your body. Some people have had astral projection experiences while in samadhi state due to the absorption in consciousness and dissociation from the body.

7. b) Sachkhand isn't some place out there that you travel to. Sach khand is available here and now, and Samadhi is the act of merging with Waheguru and experiencing him here and now.

When the mind settles into its own awareness, then it comes to reside in Sach khand.


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