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Low Sikh numbers kept us from getting our empire back in 1947 .

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   It was always a problem, during the invasions of Abdali, the blind trust in dogra scums of Jammu , to whom Ranjit Singh just handed away Kashmir to not getting out Fauj in 1947. Sikhs in 1947 were barely 10 percent of Punjab. Hindus made up majority in the east and muslims in west , and because of that our sacred Gurdwaras are now in hands of Pakistan. Another problem in the Sikh kaum ever since it's inception has been " Gaddars " in the sikh Kaum . Since the start , the Hill Rajas against Guru Gobind, the house cleaner Gangu who handed the Guru's boys to mughals , to the cowards who abandoned Banda Bahadur in Sirhind , to the Dogra kuttay who fed vital info to the brits during the sikh - anglo wars to Ala singh , who led afgans to the sikh civilians in amritsar , to weak leaders like Tara Singh, who were chamcha of Nehru, to the gaddars who killed their own sikhs in 84 , scum like Beanta , Longowal , Kps gill , gen brar , to the leaches of current day punjab Fat pig CM Arminder and the the theif of punjab , mr Badal himself ... Just look at the amount of gaddari here . The Mullahs never had soo many traitors in their kaum for thousand yrs like the sikhs have had in 500, and mullahs had to unite non arabs in islam while our own punjabis have backstabbed the kaum . This on top the weak numbers on Sikhs , the failure to forceably convert non sikhs to khalsa has really hurt the kaum . We barely make up 60 percent of punjab while only making up 1.8 percent of india . Had there been a 20 perecent sikh pop in India  during the partation , we would control , all of modern pakistan , Kashmir , Haryana , Himachal , Uttarkhand , east punjab and large chunks of UP / Rajistan . Maybe even annex Afganistan , since we would've helped the russians during their invasion of afganistan unlike the americans whom the pakis helped. What can we do now , wish there was a  time machine in which i could go back and fix this . Our sacred punjab has been sullied by the overwhelming numbers of islamics , and because of that , not just punjab but all of pakistan is just another backwards , poverty stricken & education lacking  Sh^thole. 

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