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READ this..and tell me if it makes sense :S

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I'm sure this subject has been discuessed

but this time its fr0m a different perspective...

ALl of you agree that THe TEAchings of SGGS are universal..and NOT ONLY FOR MEN

I thought about this when reading

THe SIkh REhat Maryada

it said

"Women may or may not wear Turban"


In GUrbani it says :

SAabat Surat DAastaar SIra
(Pg 1084)

why does this Quote refer only for men according to the SIkh REhat Maryada :o? ( coz according to Sikh REhat maryada: “Women May or MAY NOR WEAR TURBAN” (check Sikh Rehat Maryada on www.sgpc.net)

And hey don’t think I’m from the AKj…coz neither my Mom nor my Sister wearsa keski.. What I’ve writtin was just some thoughts, and comments :o?

If I have offended any1

Please pelase pelase…forgive this morakh!

BHullar Chukka Maaf


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