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Real Khalsa


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Bhai Nand Lal ji says 'Khalsa soi jo kareh nit jang'...the Khalsa is the one who fights daily. Even at Guru Sahib's time it was impossible to have been fighting the Moghuls and Hill Rajas every single day. But our great heros and heroines who fought on the battle field then, and those who fight today are REAL Khalsa.

There are other REAL Khalsa too, but they fight on different battlefields. Like the old Bibi ji who needs a zimmerframe to walk, needs thick lenses to see, needs false teeth to eat...for her the daily battle is to get to the Gurdwara and fall at SatGuru ji's feet.

Another REAL Khalsa is the 30 year old woman dying with cancer, fighting it day in day out so that her 2 young sons can have their mother. She fights with Vaahi-guroo on her tongue and pain in every part of her body.

Another REAL Khalsa is to grow up surrounded by a white culture and to maintain Guru Gobind Singh ji's form, and to fight for the rights of other Sikh children against racism and abuse. Fighting with Vaahi-guroo on their tongue. The list of everday REAL Khalsa is endless, everyone doing the duty given to them by Guru Sahib.

And if Vaahi-guroo ji wanted the old woman and the mother's souls to have been destined for a young warriors body in the killing fields then they would have fought with the same Khalsa spirit.

Not everyone can go and die on a killing field. But wherever Guru Sahib has given us our duty we must do it as REAL Khalsa. And the first and foremost daily battle that Bhai Nand Lal ji talks about is with the 5 enemies inside us. Kaam, Krodh, Lohb, Moh, Ankhar, (lust, anger, greed attachment, ego).


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