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163 Hukams on True Name(Sat Naam) from Guru Granth Sahib Jee

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True Name(Sat Naam) is an indispensible segment of a Sikh's life.To enlighten the people of all faiths about The True Name, Dr. Kartar Singh Duggal has translated these Quotations from Guru Granth Sahib Jee and put them together so that one and all can benefit.It is available on : http://allaboutsikhs.com/quotations/name.htm

1. O God, I am a sacrifice to all the names Thou hast. .

(Basant, M. 1)

2. Thy ancient name, O God, is the "God of Truth".

(Maru, M. 5)

3. O True Guru, we the meek ones, have sought Thy Refuge: be Merciful and illumine my within with Thy Name.

4. Everyone utters the Name of God, but through mere utterance, one merges not in God. It is when, by the Guru's Grace, God abides in the mind that one gathers the fruit. (Gauri, M. 3)

5. Contemplating the Lord's Name, thee is an illumination within of a myriad suns.

(Jaitsiri, M. 5)

6. If God Blesses three with His Name even for an instant, thy body and mind become cool. (Sri Rag M. 5)

7. This is the essence of the Shastras, this is the only good omen: repeat thou the Lord's Name.

(Sri Rag, M. 5)

8. Pure is the body wherein abides the True Name of God. (Sri Rag, M. 1)

9. Haring the Lord's Name, one knows oneself. (Sarang, M. 4)

10. Without the Lord's Name, thy woes burn thee down. (Sri Rag, M. 1)

11. Dwell thou on the Lord's Name whose Writ is over all. Dwell thou on the Lord's Name which saves thee in the end. Dwell thou on the Lord's Name which drives out all thy mind's craving and passions. By the Guru's Grace, the fortunate ones dwell on the Lord's Name which brings all their vile traducers to their refuge.

(Sri Rag, Var Pauri M. 4)

12. Above all meditations and austerities and 'virtuous' conduct and (customary) charities is the contemplation of the Lord's Name. (Asa, M. 5)

13. Than (pseudo-) meditations and contemplation, than austerities, than mere knowledge, than reading and discoursing on the six Shastras and Smiritis, than practices of the yoga, than the way of works, than renunciation and wandering through the woods, than generous (customary) charities and "virtuous" conduct, that rituals of a myriad kinds, than offerings to the sacrificial fire and getting oneself sawn alive, greater by far is the contemplation of the Lord's Name. (Gaur Sukhmani, M. 5)

14. If a person lives long and roams through all the nine divisions of the earth, and becomes a great detached ascetic and offers his body to the sacrificial fire and gifts away gold, horses, elephants and lands, and

practices a myriad yogic postures and inly cleanings and observes various austere disciplines of a Jaina, and gets himself cut up, bit by bit, the soil of his ego is cleansed not. For nothing equals the Lord's Name,

and it is through contemplation of the Name, by the Guru's Grace, that one is Emancipated. (Ibid)

15. The Smritis, the Vedas, the Puranas and like books call out to Thee. But, vain and shallow is all thy prattle without the Lord's Name. (Suhi, M. 5)

16. Standing or sitting or in sleep, the God-conscious being is involved only with the Lord's Name. (Gauri, M. 5)

17. Here and Hereafter, behind and in front, I lean only on the Lord's Name.

(Shloka, M. 9)

18. Lives forever only the Lord's Name and the Saint and the Guru-God. (Shloka, M. 9)

19. Everything is under the sway of the Lord's Name but he alone is blest with it whom the God Blesses. It is revealed through the Guru's Wisdom if one's destiny be perfect.

(Asa, M. 3)

20. God Himself created Himself, Himself He assumed the Name. (Asa, M. 1)

21. As much is the creation that much is Thy Name, For without thee, Thy Name there is nothing, O nothing. (Japji, 1)

22. Sublime is the God's Name, the Creator of all. (Sri Rag, M. 4)

23. Everything comes through the Lord's Name: forsaking it, one dies. (Sorath M. 3)

24. The Lord's Name pervades and is the Support of, all creatures, all universes and spheres, the skies and the underworlds and all forms.

(Gauri Sukhmani, M. 5)

25. All universes and spheres centre on a single point. This is the mystery that the Guru has revealed, tearing off the veil (of Doubt). It is the bliss-giving Name of God, the nine treasures of Good, within. Then, why shall we wander without and afar. (Gauri, M. 5)

26. "That which is uttered with the heart and without the tongue", how rare is the one who knows what kind is that Name? (Malhar, M. 1)

27. If the yogi goes out to ask for alms in the city of his Self, only then does he receive the Name. (Ramkali, M. 3)

28. The Lord's Name is an ecstasy that keeps me intoxicated night and day. (M. 1)

29. When the night is dewy and the stars illumine the sky, the devotees are then awake in the love f God.(Asa, Chhant M. 5)

30. With a soiled mind, one can worship not, nor attain unto the Lord's Name.

(Sri Rag M. 3)

31. So long as this mind is caught in the whirlpool (of Desige) and lives in Ego,one loves not the Word nor is attuned to the Lord's Name. (Asa, Chhant M. 5)

32. Unseen, beyond comprehension of the senses, is the Lord's utterly sweet and loved Name. (Maru, M. 1)

33. In the Kali-age, the Lord's Name is unmanifest, (though) the Lord fills all hearts. The Jewel of the Name becomes manifest to those who surrender to the refuge of the Guru.

(Prabhati, M. 3)

34. He whose mind is pleased with the Lord's Name knows the detached God. (Gauri, M. 5)

35. In the Kali-age, only the Lord's Praise is of any avail.

(Maru, M. 5)

36. I've assembled in my heart the capital of the Lord's Name. O God, whomsoever Thou blessest it with, he's Emancipated. This treasure is neither burnt nor stolen, nor drowned nor punished. (Maru, M. 1)

37. Inexhaustible is the Treasure of the Lord's Name: it is by the Guru's Grace that it abides in the mind. (Suhi, M. 5)

38. Truth is never old; the Lord's Name is never soiled. (Sarang M. 3, Var)

39. The Lord's Name is the cure of all maladies, the harbinger of deliverance and bliss.

(Gauri, M. 5)

40. Hearing (the Lord's Name) all one's sorrows and sins are dispelled. (Japji, 1)

41. Believing (in the Lord's Name), one's intellect and intuition are awakened, and one knows the mysteries of all spheres, and one suffers never, nor lives in the regionof death. Indeed, one is emancipated and emancipates he others too. (Japji, 1)

42. Hearing (the Lord's Name), one gathers extra-psychic powers, and all the nine treasures of the earth and all one's mind's wishes are fulfilled. And, one is ever content and in a state of equipoise, his heart illumined, knowing himself, rid of his sins & lo, he attains unto the Immaculate Truth.

(Sarang, Var M. 4)

43. When by the Guru's Grace, I am attuned to the Lord's Name, I am awake after the slumber of ages. (Gauri, M. 5)

44. Through the Lord's Name, I've become fearless and my comings and goings have ceased. (God, M. 5)

45. The fortress of the body is the temple of God. Read thou the Lord's Name shining within thee like rubies and pearls. (Ramkali, Var M. 3)

46. I know of no other contemplation nor wisdom, nor wear any garbs, nor force my will, for the Lod's Name that abides the eternal Truth, I've seized upon.

(Bilawal, M. 1)

47. I am attuned to the Lord's Name and have merged in it and lo, my heart is

illumined. (Ramkali, M. 4)

48. It is by dying, through the Guru's Word, while yet alive that the Lord's

Name abides in the mind. (Sri Rag, M. 3)

49. It is when one holds back the outgoing faculties and assembles them on a

single point, and dies while yet alive, that one is able to utter the Lord's

Name. (Sri Rag, M. 4, Var)

50. See thy God always near and discipline thy lust that thou hearest the

Lord's Name. (Gauri, M. 5)

51. The Lord's Name is pure light, and nectar sweet. Drinking it, one becomes deathless and void of desire

(Ramkali, M. 5)

52. They who praise the Lord's Name cherish it in the mind, and are attuned to it, hear the Unstruck Melody at (the Tenth) Door and at the Lord's True Gate, they are received with honor.

(Sri Rag, M. 4)

53. The Lord's Name is Truth. (Maru M. 1)

54. When the mind is pierced through with the Lord's Name, one abandons all thought of the Other. (Sri Rag, M. 1)

55. In the contemplation of the Lord's name is contained the essence of all

penances and meditations. (Dhanasri, M. 1)

56. In the Kali-age, the most sublime thing is the Lord's Name.

(Dhanasri, M. 1)

57. The Immaculate Name washes off the dirt of Ego.

(Dhanasri, M. 1)

58. Contemplate the Lod's Name, O mind, and be thou at peace. The Lod's praise is the most sublime deed indeed. This indeed is the Lord's service which Emancipates all.

(Dhanasri, M. 1)

59. Says Nanak, "Sweet is the great essence of the Lord's Name: through the Name, one's craving is stilled."

(Dhanasri, M. 4)

60. Without the Lord's Name, all is vanity and all that one practises is vain.

(Dhanasri Chhant, M. 1, 3)

61. Thy Name, O God, is the earthern lamp and also the wick; Thy Name is the oil with which I fill the lamp (of the Self). The Light that burns is also of Thy Name; and lo, with it the three Worlds ae illumined.

(Dhanasri of Bhagat Ravidasji 3)

62. The (Lord's) Name is the Jewel; So dwell thou on the Lord's Name.

(Jaitsiri, M. 4)

63. Dwelling on His Name, a myriad suns blaze in the firmament of my mind and the darkness of Doubt is dispelled from within me.

(Jaitsri, M. 5)

64. He who utters the God's Name with his tongue, lo, all his sins are washed off. (Jaitsri M. 5 Var 5)

65. Neither the wintry cold, nor the morning breeze, nor the chandan-paste makes one cool. One is I cool comfort only if one contemplates the Lord's Name.

(Jaitsri, M. 5 Var 17)

66. The Master's Name gives sustenance to the mind. The Name is its life breath, and I repeat it eve. The Name is my caste, the Name my honour, the Name is my kindred. The Name is every my company, the Name is the emancipator of me. The pleasures of senses are many, but not one goes along with me. The pleasures of senses are many, but not one goes along with me. The choice-object of my worship is the Lord's Name, my mate; the Name also is my trasure.

(Todi, M. 5)

67. All thy concentration, austerities, knowledge, meditations, the discourse on the six Shastras and the Smritis, the discipline ofyoga, the way of works, renunciation and wandering about in the woods and all kinds of efforts done, and deeds of charity and piety and oblations to the sacred fire, and cutting up of the body and offering each bit as sacrifice and keeping of fasts sna other deeds of merit, these, O all these equal not contemplation of the Lord's Name.

(Gauri Sukhmani, M. 5)

68. Contemplate the Lord's Name in thy mind; for, the Name is the cure-all, it cures the bile (of wrath) and the wind (of ego). It cures all the 'three' ailments of thy body and mind, and slying thy sorrow, it blesses thee with the treasure of Bliss.

(Todi, M. 5)

69. I contemplate the Name of the Immaculate Creator and the sins of my body and mind depart.

(Todi, M. 5)

70. Whose sin, pray, is washed not off if he utters the Lord's Name? For, every sinner is purified by the mere utterance of the Name of my God.

(Todi Bhagat Namdeva, 2)

71. Great is the Glory of the Lord's Name; it yields all peace.

(Rag Dhanasri, M. 5)

72. The world's phenomenon is but for the present, the Now: O God, eternal Bliss is only in Thy Name.

(Tilang, M. 5)

73. The Lord's Name is the love of the Lord: The Lord's Love, like madder's, is of fast color. The Guru, in his Mercy, dyes us in the Lord's color and then that color fades not.

(Suhi, M. 4)

74. I utter the Lord's Name in the early morn, and so hve attained my refuge,

both here and Hereafter. Let's contemplate ever the Lord's Name that

our mind's desires are fulfilled. Sing ever the praises of thy eternal

Lord, and in life as in the yond, you attain an eternal abode.

(Suhi, M. 5)

75. Through the Lord's Name, one attains eternal life, and one's body and

mind become pure, which is the true object (of life). (Suhi M. 5)

76. Fruitful is the life of one who dwells on the (Lord's) Name in the society of

saints. (Suhi, M. 5)

77. Without the Lord's Name, one is strayed by Doubt; so is the false one

beguiled. (Suhi, M. 1)

78. The Lord's Name is the creator of everything; but without the True Guru,

one realizes not the Name. (Suhi, M. 3, Ashtapadis)

79. In the Lord's Name is contained the Guru's Wisdom; it is through the

Name that one attains unto it. (Suhi M. 4, Ashtapadis)

80. In the Kali-age, the Lord's Name is the only emancipator. (Suhi Chhant, M. 3)

81. Nanak: Sweet is the great essence of the Lord's Name; so saturate withit

the body and mind. (Suhi, M. 5)

82. Purifier f the sinners is the Lord's Name. (Suhi Chhant M. 5)

83. He who sings ever the Lord's Praise and dwells on the (Lord's) Name,

suffers no sorrows, nor woes. (Suhi, M. 5)

84. Contemplating the Lord's Name, I have swum across the sea of coming-

and-going. (Suhi, M. 5)

85. How is one to attain unto the Name of the Detached Unknowable God?

It is ever within us and being all-pervading, fills all, and is revealed

through the Guru who shows it to be within our heart.

(Sarang, Var M. 4, Pauri M. 1)

86. Says Nanak: "The Immaculate Name of the Unknowable God resides in

His Will." (Vadhans, M. 3)

87. The Lord's Name pervades and participates in all that is. It is attained through

the perfect Guru who shows it to us within our heart. But it is

through God's Grace that one meets with the Guru. (Sarang Var, M. 4)

88. Through the Guru's Word, let one search the cave ( of the mind) and

attain unto the Immaculate Name abiding within it. (Majh, M. 3)

89. Let Truth, contentment and continence be thy companions. Thus, one

cherishes the Lord's Name, by the Guru's Grace. (Ramkali M. 1, Sidha Goshti)

90. Imbued with the Lord's Name, one is rid of ego and one abides ever in

Truth and practices true austerity. The essence of true living is to be

imbued with the Lord's Name, for only then can one reflect truly on

Wisdom and Virtue. (Ibid)

91. All that becomes manifest is through the (Lord's) Name, through the

(Lord's) Name is all Wisdom. (Ibid)

92. It is through the True Guru that one attains the (Lord's) Name and the

way of (true) yoga. (Ibid)

93. Neither precious is beauty, nor riches, nor kingship, nor paradise, nor

delicacies, nor fine raiments, nor sons nor friends, nr kinsmen, nor

indulgence in women, nor proficiency in knowledge, nor sharpness

of mind: precious only is God's Name which one attains, by God's

Grace, in the society of the Holy. (Shlokas Sahikriti, M. 5)

94. This is the essence of the Wisdom of four ages that the (Lord's) Name is

the only True treasure in this age. If chastity and self-discipline and

pilgrimages were the Dharmas of the past ages, in the Kali-age, the

Lord's Praise, yea, the Lord's Name, is the only righteous deed. (Bilawal, M. 3)

95. The Lord's Name is the boat in the Kali-age, the Guru the Boatman; the

Word the oars (Wherewith we cross the sea of material existence). (Bilawal, M. 4)

96. I've reflected on the Smritis, the Shastras and the Vedas, but I'll attain

emancipation only by dwelling upon the (Lord's) Name. (Bilawal, M. 5)

97. I've searched through and through and found that without the (Lord's)

Name, all else is false. (Bilawal, M. 5)

98. Says Nanak: "When one praises the (Lod's) Name, all one's adversaries

are scared away out of fear (of the Lord's Power)." (Bilawal, M. 5)

99. He who dwells upon the Lord's Name is ever Awake. Him affect not

either Tantra or Mantra; no evil eye is cast upon him. His lust and

wrath and pride and love of the self are dispelled. (Bilawal, M. 5)

100. Blessed is the place, blessed the earth, where one sings ever the Lord's Name.

(There), one's fear and doubts are dispelled and one is wholly fulfilled. (Bilawal, M. 5)

102. Uttering the Name of the Lord, I have become a par tof His Being. (Bilawal, M. 5)

103. Myriads of efforts avail not as does the (spontaneous) contemplation of

the Lord's Name. If one sings the Lord's praise, the couriers of the

Yama are scared away. (Bilawal, M. 5)

104. I utter the Lord's Name with my tongue, and the soil of my sins is burnt

off. (Rag Bilawal M. 5, Ashtapadis) (Rag Bilawal M. 5, Ashtapadis)

105. The Nectar-Name of my loved God is to me like the stick to the blind. (Bilawal M. 5, Chhant)

106. The Immaculate Name of the Lord is like a Mantram which when the

tongue utters, our sins are washed off. (Gond M. 5)

107. The Mantram of the Lord's Name is the devotee's coat-of-mail. The

demons (of Desire) touch him not. (Gond M. 5)

108. If the house stays not without the beams, then, how can one be ferried

across without the (Lord's) Name? (Gond M. 5)

109. In all the four ages, the (true) glory is through the (Lord's) Name, and

he who dedicates himself to the (Lord's) Name is emancipated, (but)

without the Guru, no one receives the Name. (Ramkali M. 3)

110. Save for the Name, all else is a vain show. (Ramkali, M. 5)

111. Without the (Lord's) Name, everyone quits the world, sad and woe

begone. (Ramkali M. 5)

112. He in whose heart Abides the (Lord's) Name, even for an instant, by the

Guru's Grace, within him abide intuition, godly wisdom and

miraculous powers, and (fruits of) myriads of contemplation and

austerities, and his are the enjoyment of (true) love, beauty and all

excellences. (Ramkali M. 5)

113. If one washes one's body, one is cleansed not, for one is then afflicted by

ego, and him duality overwhelms. But he who partakes of cure-all

of the Lord's Name, he is rid of all ailments and woes. (Ramkali, M. 5)

114. The mountain of the sins was burnt off like straw, when I contemplated

the (Lord's) Name and worshipped the Lord's Feet. (Ramkali, M. 5)

115. If man's heart cherishes, even for an eye-twinkle, the Lord's Name,

dispelled is his fear of the Yama, and his human birth becomes

sanctified. (Ramkali, M. 9)

116. Hark ho, the Name of God alon is eternally efficacious. This is the wise

instruction of the Guru. (Ramkali M. 1, Dakhni Onkar, 11)

117. This mercurial mind is held and abides in Truth, its real home, when the

Name is one's support. (Ramkali M. 1, Siddha Goshti)

118. Imbued with the Lord's Name, one is rid of ego, Imbued with the (Lord's)

Name, one abides in Truth. Imbued with the (Lord's) Name one knows

the way of (true) Yoga. Imbued with the Name, one is Emancipated,

and one knows the Mystery of the three Worlds, and is ever in Bliss.

(Ramkali M. 1, Siddha Goshti)

119. The (Lord's) Name is the Essence of all deeds, for, without the Name,

one is afflicted by Pain and Death. (Ramkali M. 1, Siddha Goshti)

120. All things become manifest through the Name; through the Name is all

Wisdom; without the Name, one may wear a myriad garbs, but one is

strayed from the Path; such is the True Lord's Will.

(Ramkali M. 1, Siddha Goshti)

121. Hearing Thy Name, even the couriers of Yama leave one off. Impassable

and vast is the sea of existence, which one crosses through the

Guru's Word. Yea, they who crave for Thee are Blest with Thy

Nectar Name. (Var of Ramkali, M. 5)

122. They, who are in love with Thy Name, are blest with the essence of Poise

and Peace. Nanak but Dwells on the one God, and seeks the Dust of

the Saint's Feet. (Shloka M. 5, Var of Ramkali, M. 5)

123. Glorious is the Lord's True Name. I live by hearing it. For, the Name

emancipates those that are unwise, animal-like and wild like goblins.

(Var of Ramkali, M. 5)

124. Contemplate ever the Lord's Name, O my mind, and you will be rid of

myriads of sins. So love thy God like a true servant, and dwell ever on

Him, and all thy sins and ailments will be dispelled as water cleans the

soil. (Rag Nat Narayan, M. 4)

125. He who, by the Guru's Grace, tastes the taste of God's Name, forsakes

all other flavors. (Nat Ashtapadis M. 4)

126. The Lord's Name is the support of all. Yea, one is wholly fulfilled,

contemplating it in the companionship of the holy. As the drowningone is saved if he boards a boat; as the dying lamp burns still and whole, if fed with oil; as the fire is quenched with water; as the child

is satiated with milk; as the warrior on the battle-field is helped by his brothers-in-arms; as the hungry babe is satisfied when fed by his mother. As the thirsty farm is waiting ever to receive the rains in its folds; as in the refuge of the mighty, one is well cared for; as the poison of the snake affects not the one who knows the specific Mantram; as the parrot, in the cage, is eaten not by the cat, as (the swallow, though far), cherishes her offspring in the mind; as the grains are saved sticking to the central hollow (of the grinding mill); (so doth the Lord's Name save those who enshrine it in their heart). (Mali Gaura M. 5) (Gond M. 5)

127. The riches of the Name I treasure in my heart. O God, whomsoever thou

blessest with these, he's wholly emancipated.

128. The Yogi, who knows the Way of the Immaculate Name, even a particleof soil sticks not to him. (Maru M. 1)

129. My tongue is the beam; my heart the scales, and I weigh therewith the

unweighable Name. (Maru M. 1)

130. The Lord's Nectar-Name is the Ocean of Peace. Thy seeker, O God,seeks it, in all humility, so Bless him Thou in Thy Mercy. (Maru, M. 4)

131. The nine holes (of the body) * pour out impurities, but when one utters the Lord's Name, all one's faculties are sanctified. (Maru M. 4)

132. O my mind, sow the seed of the Lord's (Name) when the time is ripe, and cultivate with thy whole mind; and in God's good time, you will reap the fruit thereof. (Maru M. 5)

133. Priceless is this Ruby, this Jewel, the (Lord's) Name. Unattainable is it

and unweighable too. (Maru, M. 5)




134. The Lord's Name has the merit of pilgrimage to the sixty eight holies.

Through it, one is rid of all of one's sins. The blind, unwise man churns

waters and seeks to find the Quintessence! But if one churns the curds,

led by the Guru's Word, one attains the elixir of the Lord's Name.

(Rag Maru Ashtapadis, M. 1)

135. True is one's society, True the abode, true the home, true is one's food

and true is one's love, if one leans on the True Name.

(Rag Maru Ashtapadis, M. 1)

136. Whosoever forsakes the (Lord's) Name hast his countenance blackened.

And he, the false one, is wasted away at the Lord's Court. Lo, the false

one when he quits the world, forsaking the Name, has dust thrown on

his head, and so he comes and goes. He gets Refuge neither in the

Yond, nor here in this world. (Maru, M. 1)

137. When one is imbued with the (Lord's) Name, one's body is sanctified.

Without the Name, one is drowned without cause. (Maru, M. 3)

138. Without the Name, one earns immense woes in the world, and the more

deeds one does, the more sinful one becomes; yea, if one contemplates

not the Name, one attains not Peace, and earneth nothing but pain.

(Maru, M. 3)

139. Everything comes out of the Name, everything is dissolved through the

Name, and 'tis by the Guru's grace that one's body and mind are pleased

with the Name. Yea, when the tongue utters the Name, 'tis 'wetted'

with its flavor, and one is lost in the essence of the Name. (Maru, M. 3)

140. Forsaking the (Lord's) Name, one's body and mind are gripped by Pain, and

one is afflicted with the maladies of Maya and Desire. Without the

(Lord's) Name, one's body and mind are leprous, and one falls in hell.

They, who're imbued with the (Lord's) Name, immaculate is their body,

pure is their swan-soul and they are ever in Bliss, for, they love (God).

Praising the (Lord's) Name, they attain gladness and bide in their Self.

(Maru, M. 3)

141. Everyone that is created craves for the (Lord's) Name but he alone

attains it who had toiled for it since the ages yore. Fortunate are they

who attain unto the Name, (but) they attain unto it through the Guru's

Word. (Maru, M. 3)

142. He who cherishes the Lord's Name, has the powers of a myriad arms. He

who has with him the riches of the Lord's praise, Him the Lord, in His

Mercy, Blesses with the sword of Wisdom, and he slays the Demons

(within) with a flourish. (Maru Solhas, M. 5)

143. Without the Lord's Name, the world is poor. Without the Name, one is

satiated not, and one is led astray by the sense of the Other, and in

ego, one suffers sorrow. (Var of Maru, M. 3)

144. If one's mainstay is the True Name, then one is afflicted neither by age

nor by grief. Says Nanak: "Gather, O man, the Treasure of the Lord's

Name in thy mind." (Var of Maru M. 3)

145. Blind is the body and vacant and dark, without the Name of the Lord. Nanak: They alone are fulfilled in whose heart lives Lord the God.

(Var of Maru, M. 3)

146. He, who Tastes the flavor of the Lord's. Name, him the Lord saves

through the Name. And he becomes pure like gold, and, rid of his

Doubt, he is ferried across the tumultuous sea (of material existence).

(ag Maru, Kabirji, 7)

147. When the Yama seizes thee by the forelock, then thy only saviour would

be the Lord's Name. (Rag Maru, Jabirji, 3)

148. Accursed is all that one hears without the Lord's Name. Of what avail is

life that forsakes the Life of all life? (Kedara, M. 5)

149. One may perform a myriad rituals in the Kali-age, but they fruition not,

for the season is not propitious. In this age, the only thing efficacious

is the Lord's Name. If, by the Guru's Grace, one is Attuned to Truth, if

one searches one's body and mind, one Attains to God within one's

Self, and by the Guru's Grace, is Attuned to the Lord's Name. (Bhairo, M. 3)

150. Save for the Name, all else is a vain show. (Ramkali, M. 5)

151. How is one to dance without music? How is one to sing without voice?

151. How is one to dance without music? How is one to sing without voice? How is the rebeck to be played without the strings? How is one to be

fulfilled without the Lord's Name? (Bhairo, M. 5)

152. The 'Name' is the inner-knower of all hearts. The Name avails us all

over, in every task. I'm permeating through by the (Lord's) Name.

Such is the Blessing of my True Guru on me. (Bhairo, M. 5)

153. The (Lord's) Name ofr me is the only ablution. The (Lord's) Name for

me is the ony thing to give away in charity. Uttering the Name, every

one is purified. He who contemplates the Lord's Name is my brother,

my friend. The (Lord's) Name for me is the auspicious moment, the

(holy) day, it is the Name alone that wholy satiates me. The (Lord's)

Name for me is the only culture I need to imbibe. The (Lord's) Name

for me is the only immaculate trade. (Bhairo, M. 5)

154. All is false, save for the Lord's Name. (Bhairo, M. 5)

155. He, who enshrines the Name in the heart, knows all the ways. He, who

enshrines the Name in the heart, is blest with the Nine Treasures (of

Bliss); Without the Name, one's mind wanders, afflicted by Doubt,

and so one comes and goes. (Bhairo, M. 5, Ashtapadis)

156. Without the Lord's Name, the world is dry as dust, and burns ever in the

fire of Desire. (asant, M. 3)

157. As when comes the rains, the peacocks dance; as the lotuses smile in joy

seeing the moon; as the mother is joyed seeing her child, so does the

man of God live only if he contemplates the Lord's Name. (Basant, M. 5)

158. This body is like a dead corpse, if the Lord's Name abides not within it,

but when through the Guru, it sucks in the Lord's waters, it sap

returns and it flowers. (Basant Hindil, M. 4)

159. Without the Lord's Name, life dances a wild dance: and no matter what

one does, one is Bound and involved more and more. (Sarang, M. 5)

160. If one gives away gold in alms, or offers lands in charity, and purifies the

mind in a myriad way, it equals not the Lord's Name. (Sarang, M. 5)

161. The Lord's Name is the tree, His Merits, the boughs; and picking its

leaves and flowers I worship. The Soul is the only God to be

worshipped, so, I dedicate myself to it with utter joy. (Kabirji)

162. Poison turns into Nectar, enemies into friends; pain turns into pleasure,

and fear into fearlessness; the placeless find the place, through the

Name, if on one be the Mercy of the Guru-God. (Shlokas Sahiskriti, M. 5)

163. As the leaves shaken off the body of the tree, (rot, and) stick not

again to the branches, so does the man, bereft of the Lord's Name,

suffer sorrow.

Guru Ang Sang,

Harjinder S Kukreja


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