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A Commendable Response to a Shocking Experience !!

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A Commendable Response to a Shocking Experience

Sartaj Singh

While studying for final exams, a girl that I know from one of my classes


with my friend and I. All three of us had the same exam the next morning.


asked if she could join us and we both agreed with no hesitation.She and I


acquaintances, since we had this one class together.

She happens to be Pakistani and was born here in the states as I am a


and am too born here in the states. While studying, she stopped and looked


me and stated that in my culture hair is kept as a sign of showing that all


Muslims in the world are not dead. She continued to state that in my


that the hair would not be cut until all Muslims in the world are dead. My

friend and I looked at each other in shock and then I looked at her and


where did she hear this information from. She then stated that another

Pakistani girl from campus told her this. That other girl too is born here


the states as well.

In shock, I quickly tried to explain to her That these statements are


false. I quickly explained the importance of keeping hair In Sikhi, as a

identity of our religion. But the damage has been done. It shocks me that


and this other girl believe this and the fact that thoughts from 500 years


today still remain and are being taught to the first generation of children

from the indo-pak area born here In America. That ignorance still continues


of fear of not understanding.

I discussed what happened to me with several of My friends, both Sikh and


Sikh. All of them were in shock as well, and could not believe these


were made. Many reacted out of anger and stated very heated feelings. And


first, I was angered as well. I did not know what to do or what to say, let

alone if I should retaliate or not.

But after some thinking, I believe That the only thing I can do is just to


love to these two girls, not hate. I happen to know who That other girl is


stated these assumptions to the Pakistani girl in my class. That other

Pakistani girl happens to be good friends with My roommate, who is a Sikh


well, but clean shaven. I quickly joked to change the mood when I was there


said "well, you know my roommate is a Sikh and he's clean shaven, so maybe


should talk to him because he cuts his hair so he must think all the

Muslims In

the world are dead, not me."

But then I spoke to my father, And he reminded me that even though Guru Ram


(I believe) planned and started the building of the golden temple, it was a

Muslim who laid down the first stone. And also that In the Guru Granth


there are Muslim priests who have there scriptures written in there, such


Kabir. But it ultimately comes down to love.

Not all Hindus or Muslims are bad, just like unfortunately not all Sikhs


good. Just because these two girls believe this viewpoint should not mean


I and everyone else should show hate towards them or there culture,


of the bitter history between Sikhs and Muslims from yesterday and today. I

must show love to both of these women and educate them on why Sikhs do keep

there hair and retain there identity, so that they too can realize there

thoughts are incorrect. Hopefully they will soon realize the truth to the


and how there beliefs are false. I will be approaching both of these women

again once the semester starts and show nothing but love as I discuss this

matter with them.

So, basically all I am saying is that hate will get you no where. Love will

triumph over all. So as we live in this world, love all people and be nice


all - regardless of race or religion. Because once you part from people and

those people move onto different parts of this world and when they see


sardar or a sardarni, they will have positive feelings toward them. Because


you do something good or bad to one, they will tell others. Many will try


combat them and say- for example- that Sikhs are bad. But if they have


kindness And love from one Sikh, they will quickly stop them and state that

this is false. I hope my thoughts I have shared spark some thoughts In your


minds as well. It is something definitely to think about.

As told to Harjinder Singh by Sartaj Singh

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