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Must follow these rules


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The rules for the message board are enforced by moderators which moderate specific forums, and by the administrators, which moderate all forums. Unless said otherwise, when breaking a rule, you will be warned. If you continuously break the rules, it is up to the mods/admins discretion to temporarily ban you. If even after a temporary ban, the behavior continues, a permanent ban may be in order.

-No advertising about your site or message board, unless you get permission from the admin.

-Do NOT post up other peoples' pics without their permission

-Do not post up PM's you received from other members without their knowledge

-No excessive profanity.

-No excessive flaming.

-No pornographic material, this may warrant an immediate ban.

-No insults on religion, nationality, sexual orientation, etc. You'll only get one warning. Support your Reasoning/Accusation, Do not simply just state your ignorance.

-Please don't spam.

-Do not display your email or messenger name in a post.

-Only one account per user. Violation will result in a warning, then a permanent IP ban.

-Respect the admins/mods comments regarding your behavior on Sikhawareness.com

-Don't type in all CAPS or LiKe ThiS either, it's okay once in a while but don't overdo it.

* Signature Limitations:

- Max image file size: 25k

- No website links

- Max image dimension size: 468 x 60

* Avatar Limitations:

- Max image file size: 25k

- Max avatar image dimension size: 120 x 90

When you register, you AGREE to follow these rules.

Forum admins and mods are solely responsible for rule enforcement, so please refrain from yelling at another user for violating a rule. If you are that concerned, notify a mod or admin.

Forum Administrators reserve the right to change or alter these rules at any time. Anything not covered in these rules is subject to an Administrator's approval. An Administrator and/or Moderator’s word is final.

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