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capital punishment


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WOW...what an awesome topic to discuss...now that the Balbir Singh Sodhi murder trial has us all wondering........

I don't think there is a specific directive towards capital punishment...and I'm not necessarily sure that there should be one.

The reason that I have for that is...we live under one God, but we live under many different governments. Capital Punishment is legal in China, but I have the feeling that the implementation there is different than in the U.S. India technically doesn't have capital punishment, but...1984 sure seemed like an ugly application of it.

In terms of the U.S. justice system, I have to admit that I am more for it than against it. I live in a state that doesn't recognize the death penalty, but a person found guilty of a capital/federal crime may be given the death penalty inside my state's borders.

An example that is in recent memory is one of a dispicable nurse that worked in a VA hospital, that got a nickname of "Angel of Death". She poisoned 8 severly disabled veterans that were in her care!!! I was so furious. Here were 8 men who, in the prime of their youth chose to be responsible, risk their life and serve their country. In the process, they were severly injured and crippled. One man was blind and paralyzed....totally dependent on his nurses for everything, but was also, in the words of his sister "one of the warmest people that you would ever meet"

This woman does not deserve the title of nurse. This woman took high concentrations of a muscle relaxant and added it to her patient's IVs. They didn't survive. (as a chilling reference, it is the kind of lethal muscle relaxant that is among the drugs used in executions by lethal injection). 8 men succumed to her poison.

She didn't get the death penalty, but she could have. I have to admit,, I was one of the peopole hoping she would.

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