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baba meenhan singh ji

lion singh

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is anyone here from UK, around about coventry, then you shall remember ( if you have visited ) the nanaksar gurdwara that baba meenhan singh ji created, Babaji was a great soul he was someone special just as any gursikh would be. i remember one touching story when i was just about 1 or 2 years old i was on my brothers shoulders and we were going to see babaji outside the gurdwara, he was in his spiritual state where he would not say a word or talk because his mind was at one with waheguru, and when every one would say sat sri akal or fateh he wouldn't reply but as i was told i shouted out fateh and babaji replyed every one was shocked or amazed, i do not remember this but can someone tell me why this is special.

thank you

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i used to go coventry all the time to here baba meeha singh ji's bachans, and wow they were deep. at a young age i really tryed my best to concentrate and understand wat they were saying.

i used to go to here there bachan in india aswell.

yeh they never used to say fateh but they used to look up and do matha tekh. all the kids would sit still as soon as they would walk into the gurdwara, they had somthing very special about them. im very lucky to get there blessing, they gave me a mala and after that i always did my paath on that.

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