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So simple but so powerful


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A very nice poem I got on e-mail..

I Am A Sikh

By Robbie Singh

Saturday, May 03, 2003 - 12:12 AM IDLW

I am not an American Sikh.

I am not an Indian Sikh.

I am I am just a Sikh.

No matter where I live

No matter where I earn my living.

As a Sikh I respect all

As a Sikh every Nation is equal

As a Sikh every human is Equal.

I will help the needy

I will feed the hungry

I will fight for justice.

All my principles

All my ways of living

come from one source

And one source only

My Guru.

I am not bounded by physical boundaries.

I am not bounded by culture, caste, or creed

I am not bounded by a country.

I am bounded by my promise to my Guru

I am bounded by the sacrifice of my Guru

I am bounded by my universal principle of life.

I owe my allegiance

I owe my loyalty

I owe my priory

I owe my life

To my Guru.

I am not an American Sikh

I am not an Indian Sikh

I am not a Canadian Sikh

I am I am just a Sikh

A Sikh of my Guru.

I will fight for no country

I will fight for no politics

I will fight for no leader.

I fight against no man

I fight against no race

I fight against no faith.

I will fight for my Guru

I will fight for justice

I will fight against the oppressor.

I pray for the betterment of whole world

I pray to the only one Essence - the only one Truth

I pray for all.

I am a peacemaker and

I am a warrior

I am a Sikh a Sikh a Sikh

Honesty is by clothing

Sincerity is my being

Wisdom is my essence

I am not ‘I’

I am I am a Sikh to be of my Guru

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