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Guru Of The Sikhs, Do You Have A Plan In This?


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Guru Of The Sikhs, Do You Have A Plan In This?

Kamalla Rose Kaur Fri Aug 03

So my Guru, my scripture,

we have maybe 20 years

to stop humanity's worldwide war against the trees,

the water and air and animals.

Sikhs will probably spend that time

arguing about non-canonical texts,

breeding for "fair" skin,

and chasing money.

It is so absurd!

Why do brown-skinned people

buy into white supremacy?

GOD, these people have

the most enlightened religion on Earth,

yet their temples are unwelcoming to "foreigners".

Sikhs preach women's equality

but their women don't stand as Khalsa.

Sikhs are so caught up within their own politics

that they don't seem to notice world politics.

Sikhs are forever forming Authoritarian Male Dominated Hierarchies

and they aren't even blushing about it;

even though it is against their religion,

even though it makes them appear very backwards.

My Guru, the world is so small,

yet most Sikhs seem to know more Sikhs

than anyone else.

The 7th largest religion in the world,

yet the world knows more about Mormons than Sikhs.

In this day and age

you have to work to stay

so self-absorbed

and self-concerned.

Sikhs fear spreading Guru's teachings

because Sikhs know they are hypocrites

and they need to change.

Sikhs don't drink alcohol,

yet they are the biggest drinkers of India.

My Guru, do you have a plan in all this?



By God's Grace, the Gurmukh practices devotion; without the Guru, there is no devotional worship. One who merges self into GOD understands, and so becomes pure. The Dear GOD is True, and True is the Bani. Through the Word of the Shabad, Union with GOD is obtained.

|| 1 || O Siblings of Destiny, without devotion, why have people even come

into the world? They have not served the Perfect Guru; they have wasted their lives in vain.

|| 1 || Pause || The Divine, the Life of the World, is the Giver. GOD forgives, and unites us with GOD. What are these poor beings and creatures?

What can they speak and say? GOD grants glory to the Gurmukhs; GOD joins them to Divine Service.

|| 2 || Beholding your family, you are lured away by emotional attachment,

but when you leave, they will not go with you.

Serving the True Guru, I have found the Treasure of Excellence. Its value

cannot be estimated. The Dear GOD is my Best Friend. In the end, GOD shall be my Companion and Support.

|| 3 || In this world, GOD's home, the Great Giver is the Life of the World. The self-willed manmukhs have lost their honor. Without the True Guru, no one knows the Way. The blind find no place of rest. If the Divine, the Giver of Peace, does not dwell within the mind, then they shall depart with regret in the end.

|| 4 || In this world, GOD's house, through the Guru's Teachings, I have

cultivated within my mind the Great Giver, the Life of the World. Night and

day, performing devotional worship, day and night, ego and emotional

attachment are removed. And then, attuned to GOD, we become like GOD, truly absorbed in the True One.

|| 5 || Bestowing the Glance of Grace, GOD gives us Love, and we

contemplate the Word of the Guru's Shabad. Serving the True Guru, intuitive

peace wells up, and ego and desire die. The Divine, the Giver of Virtue,

dwells forever within the minds of those who keep Truth enshrined within

their hearts.

|| 6 || My GOD is forever Immaculate and Pure; with a pure mind, and GOD

can be found. If the Treasure of the Name of the Divine abides within the

mind, egotism and pain are totally eliminated. The True Guru has instructed

me in the Word of the Shabad. I am forever a sacrifice to GOD.

|| 7 || Within your own conscious mind, you may say anything, but without

the Guru, selfishness and conceit are not eradicated. The Dear GOD is the

Lover of devotees, the Giver of Peace. By Grace, GOD abides within the mind.

O Nanak, GOD blesses us with the sublime awakening of consciousness; GOD

grants glorious greatness to the Gurmukh.

|| 8

|| 1

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