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Doom 3 is coming soon!!


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The game engine looks very sharp - looks like it's from Hitman or Hitman 2. Images look a bit too crisp though.

I just wonder if you will need the NASA mainframe to have the processing power to run this game.

I don't like the total absence of hellish/occult imagery in the screenshots. They might have turned this into a kids' game - more unrealistic monsters than anything else. The monsters are not scary - killing them would seem like a merciful act to put them out of their misery. Also, there is NO screenshot of any space trooper or realistic human (for you to attack with a chainsaw) on that website.

Not freaky, terrible or evil enough. Looks like it's been designed by sheeple, not to offend sheeple's mothers.

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oh my, that game looks awesome lol...

shasterkovich, im sure ur gonna be needing a top spec pc to play that, 256 graphics and 512 ram at least, anything less would be an insult to the game :P

if u want more realism then play medal of honour : call of duty

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Mr Singh, you have'nt been Doomed yet.

Acquire Doom 2 and Ultimate Doom. Then get the DCK (Doom Construction Kit), and construct your own levels. You can also change the music in the game, and change the monsters. You can even get the Wolfenstein 3D Nazi characters in there (in Hell, where they belong)!

All of this software should be downloadable from somewhere.

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