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Agamas about women [belongs under "Tantrik", not H

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(Translated by Arjuna Taradasa)

Women are Goddesses, women are the life-breath, women are jewels.

Always be with a woman – another's or your own.

(Kali-tantra 4.14, 8.10; Kaulavali-nirnaya 10.88; Yoni-tantra 7.17)

Women are Divine, women are Creation, women bring happiness.

O Devi, all that exit in this world is in the form of a woman.

Every woman should be worshipped by the whole world.

(Shaktisangama-tantra, Kali-khanda 3.142-143)

Women should be revered; Women are Heaven, women are Dharma, women are the Flame of transformation.

Women are Buddha, women are Sangha, women are the Ultimate Wisdom!

(Chandamaharoshana-tantra 8.30)

O Devi, all Vidyas are Your aspects, and in the world U dwell in women!

(Devi-mahatmyam 11.6)

All men are Mahakala's forms, all women are of Kali's and Tara's nature. When you percieve it in this way, there's no imagined samsara anymore!

(Shaktisangama-tantra, Kali-khanda 5.4-5)

O Kulabhairava, every woman should be worshipped and seen. They all are Highest Goddesses, who deserve reverence!

(Kulachudamani-tantra 3.53)

In the form of women Devi resides amongst the creation. From a woman creation comes into being, in her it dissolves. Therefore woman is the highest Essence and should be served with all efforts.

(Kaulavali-nirnaya 10.76-77)

Always serve a woman that she will be pleased. Happiness is in woman's joy. Rejecting the service to women brings misery.

(Kaulavali-nirnaya 10.79)

He who doesn't worship his beloved, gets stuck in obstacles and looses

all benefits acqwired in previous births. Then what to say of a highest birth?

(Shyama-rahasya 5.76; Kulachudamani-tantra 3.55; Kaulavali-nirnaya 12.180)

When you see a beautiful form, bow before it. The beauty brings Bliss.

If you enjoy a beautiful form, what else is needed? Beauty is the highest abode, beauty is the highest tapas; Nothing was or will be above beauty!

(Shaktisangama-tantra, Kali-khanda 3.145-146)

He who knows the Heart of Kalika and is submerged in sadhana with a

woman, becomes Godlike and attains the eternal Liberation.

(Kali-tantra 9.23)

See the woman, touch her and join with her, especially with the blessed one born in Kula.

(Kali-tantra 8.15; Kaulavali-nairnaya 10.92)

Never there's Attainment without a woman – therefore give yourself to



A man can be perfect only by joining with a woman and not otherwise.

(Guptasadhana-tantra 3.9)

Siva said: Woman is the Base for the whole world, woman is the base of highest tapas. Take a refuge in woman... Woman revered by a sadhaka is a cause of his Jnana. So he enjoying the happiness in this world gets submerged in the Body of Goddess. Such best sadhaka attains a great siddhi and goes to the world of Hari. That is why he should worship a woman with 5 makaras.

(Guptasadhana-tantra 1.9-11)

Useless is nyasa, useless is puja, useless are japa and prayers, useless are homa and daxina – if a sadhaka doesn't make a woman pleased!

(Maya-tantra 11.34)

Woman is the root of sadhana, woman is the base of japa etc., woman is

the base of the Way, woman is the essence of life. Woman is a cause of the benefits in this world and woman is a cause of Salvation.

(Kamakhya-tantra 3.41-42)

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