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nihang sikhs


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Welcome to the Forum Brown first of all :D

I m in the toronto area, there is no nihang organizations based in toronto however there are couple of nihang singhs that my freind knows...

if you want you can add me in your msn warne8@hotmail.com

or email me at sikhawareness2003@yahoo.ca

I ll hook u up with some of contacts...

In the meantime check out www.shastarvidiya.org and http://budhadal.com (some nihang sites for you).

Also if you have any questions that you want to ask .. you can ask them here as well by makin an post under Sikh Martial Arts section :D

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Brown, make sure you get into contact with a real Nihang. Not the wannabe ones. What I mean by that is, the Nihang has had to take Amrit from Budha Dal and other Nihang Dals, furthermore, he has to wear traditional Nihang Bana. A lot of people in western countries think they are Nihangs just because they have taken Amrit from a Nihang Dal. But then they come to a western country they start wearing pants and shorts. That is contrary to Nihang traditions. Anyone who has stayed with the Nihangs in India knows that the Nihangs would never even wear a Pajama-Kurta, much less Pants and shorts like the western “Nihangsâ€.

Just my opinion.

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Pal Singh first post and in Nihang section? :) Welcome bro.

Time is changing and Nihang singh are not anymore free traveling guys in trains or horse tricks showing guys. There are Nihang who are doctors, engineer and PHD holders. Yes, its hard to tell who is Nihang online because it's easy to claim im "Nihang" while sitting behind your PC.

Message of today: Banda Sohi jou Waqt Vichare.

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