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I just want to start this topic. Is it a science? Is it worthy to try? If it's not then why all the major websites host astrology section?

Can someone share their knowledge? I know Sikhism doesn't allow Sikhs to believe in it. But I want to know what's the reason that every sikh house directly/indirectly influenced with astrology.

Please, don't post huge articles in this discussion instead try to post link.

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I asked the same question on other website which is not related to Sikhism and it was general question and below is the reply I got from that website.

Astrology began with the hermetics " as above so below" however the core hermetic concept that everything in the universe is interconnected, a part of a whole dynamic system was not fully understood thousands of years ago

It was not untill early this century with the dawning of quantum physics, relativity and cosmology that we began to understand concepts that the hermetics propounded thousands of years ago

As with any complex science there will always be a tendancy for the populace to grab onto the more shallow aspects and hermeticism is no different, hence the search for the philosophers stone and the transmutation of lead to gold.

These have been by and large misunderstood and the concept of the "great work" which Nicholas Flammel was said to have completed is a total mystery to most people. The transmutation is an allegory for the transmutation of the psyche, an individual quest of the hermetic

With that said i believe astrology is a "sexy" spin off from the work of the hermetics and early alchemists. The deeper concept of cosmology and the "connected" universe was lost on all but a few adepts and the simplified form was what took hold in the general psyche of the masses

This may not have been entirely unintentional. Firstly to promote such complex studies and the retaining of knowledge over the aeons would have been near impossible if the "great work" had not in some way had some appeal to the masses

Secondly i believe the original hermetics were in possesion of knowledge that was far more advanced thatn many believe and to pass this knowledge down the millenia would again have been difficult seeing as the general hoi poloi had little if no understanding of basic phsyics or maths

Thirdly there is in a sense some truth to the astologers claim that the planets each other, as this is the core belief of the hermetics i must agree that the position of various planets in the solar system at my birth were having a difffernet effect on earth than they were at say the birth of my sister. Howver, though i can extrapolate this effect to include my cells and those of my mother, i do not believe that they affect our personalities

Oh well just my views

"Know ye not that ye are gods ?"

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