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UBC SSA - Saint Soldier Conference Videos


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Great pictures veer jio.. but we need to involve more non-gursikh youths into this kinda event. If this kinda event were to happen in england, you would have so many non-khalsa involved like came by...

Vancouver is known as worst of the worst place when it comes to indo-canadian. You are the only people who can show them light...We know you will because we know you got very high potential.

We have to advertise more.. In whole university of british columbia there must be more than 1000's punjabi youths students...we need to spread message whether its word of mouth adverstising event, mass emails or even big posters....annouce it on T.V programs.

Also i wanted to know like in toronto.. chardi-kalah program goes on air every sunday which is sikh based t.v program.. do you guys have something like this happening in vancouver???

It was great seeva ji....just need to try more i guess :)

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The reason the event was not mass promoted is because the SSA was only able to obtain a room that can seat 250. It was a full house. All the seats were taken, so even if they did promote more there would have been no where to sit.

I think you are judging the event by just the few pictures on the site. In reality about 40% of the people attending were non-gursikh youth. The entire event was geared towards youth that are not familiar with their religion.

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