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Please help this Sikh brother in Pakistan!


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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa

Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

Just a Benti to the Cyber Sangat. There is a Sikh brother who has recently converted from Hinduism, currently residing in Pakistan. He is the only Singh in his area and he started learning about Sikhi online. His search lead him to our beautiful Sikhi! Vaheguru!

The Sikh brother needs our help Sangat Ji. He wants to get his children married to Sikh families now, understandably.

I don't know any Sikhs in Pakistan, but if there is anyone here who knows of any there, please contact him, and he would really appreciate our help. His email address is chohan74pk@hotmail.com

It is my bentee to any Sikh brothers and sisters out there to help this brother, and may Vaheguru keep him in Chardi Kala!


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Guest Punjabi Nationalist

Where in Pakistan is he from?

There are only a few thousand Sikhs (If that) left in Pakistan, whereas Hindu population could be in the millions. Not all of them are in Punjab, Sikh community in NWFP is probably more recognizable than the Sikh community in Punjab.

When my Grandfather returned to Lahore after it was awarded to Pakistan i dont think he found any Sikhs there and he did not receive a warm welcome in his old neighbourhood. I think by and large times have changed since then, he did visit Pakistan twice but both were disappointing and frustrating trips for him.

Sikh community is confined to living in and around a few Gurdwaras, thats about it. I have some unofficial plans to go to Pakistan this summer so if you can find out more about this guy id be happy to take him some books depending on if and where i go (Lahore and Gujranwala most likely).

PS, where did you find this guy? Sorry but i have to ask before i get in touch with him.

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Guest Punjabi Nationalist

He is from 'Mithi district Tharparkar Sindh', Mithi is a tiny desert city bordering Rajasthan. He contacted me through PM at the Waheguru forum.

Hmmmm, if i ever go to Pakistan it wont be anywhere in Sindh, especially not a border area which is most likely off limits to travellers from India or of "Indian origin".

Some parts of Sindh bordering India had around 80% Hindu majorities right up until the 1960's, but i think most left for India after the Indo-Pak wars. Im guessing this guy is one of the few people who still stayed back.

Unfortunately even if i could manage to see this guy, getting his kids hooked up or introduced to potential brides/grooms is not something i can help him with. I think his best option is to travel to some of the main Gurdwaras in Punjab to make some contacts with Sikhs living there....

Ps, I hope this person is legit anway.

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