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What do you do in IT


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Im a full time college student(jobless :( ), Information Systems security/Network systems major. I usally spend my time learning new things involving computers,programming(trying),trying to find new exploits in windows and webservers w2kserver/linux...ect, driving around for wireless networks to leech off of........

What do you do as a Job or Hobby in IT?

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Got involved into the web ... four years back to impress a gal !...that was when i was in college and 17 .

And then to prove it wasnt just to impress a gal ;) i started working with a company part time, developing a web based correspondence course for them.

and last year after getting my degree started working in a software firm...and then this year ...thought it was time to follow my dream...and left the firm ...and have started on my own... and now a friend too has joined in.... we are basically into web applications.

i do have a dream of making a revolutionary sikh website for the youth...but i am trying to be a good sikh myself before....i can venture on that !

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