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THIS is wicked.Manpreet Singh (Kanpur Vale) never seems to want to get off stage when he goes to a Rehansbhai which is exactly what happened on Saturday 21st Feb when Bebe Nanaki Gurdwara in Birmingham held a rehansbhai. A lot of AKJ keertani came down and so did keertani wonder Manpreet Singh who went on for three hours.

YEP. THREE HOURS!!! CHECK THIS OUT... www.sikhifm.com for the FULL three hours non stop as well as other keertani lasting another couple of hours! DO NOT MISS and make sure u view the wicked fotos from the event too. Its the first time i went to that Gurdwara and its fab. Wont be the last time i go.

Hope u enjoy n reply to this post with some feedback if u can on nething u want really!!



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