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Warning for all members! "READ ME"


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Dear Members,

We respect your privacy and try to give you one central platform where you can share and learn from each other. But it should be clear to all that we will not tolerate any personality attacks on this forum.

If you have any personal issues then sort it out through e-mails but on forum making posts against each other will not be tolerated. You can send members PMs, if you have any issues and sort it out nicely.

What action will be taken if you repeat your threats?

1. We will give one warning on our forum, if we see any personality attacks or threats are being made against members of this site.

2. After that one more warning will be given through PM and if he/she don't stop then your IP/Internet information will be posted on our forum, so user who has recieved threats can take legal action.

3. Police takes internet threats as seriously as offline, so please sort out your personal issues through E-mail and this forum should not be used for any propaganda.

Warning: We can legally share your IP information, if we see you threatening someone online.

Note: We all should be clear on this matter that this is real time forum so it's not easy for moderators to filter all the messages and it's natural that they can skip one or two posts where members have violated our rules. If you come across post which you think is violating our rules then send PM to our moderators and let them know about it. And give them sometime to sort it out. But we don't want members to act like moderators as we have our team to do that job.

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