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Brothers and sisters, I need help.

Maybe i'm being selfish by coming here and asking for this but I felt that, after reading some of the topics on the forums, this is the right sangat to ask.

I have been away at uni for a few years now and now that I'm back I seem to have "lost touch" with Sikhi in a big way. The pyar that I had for Sikhi before uni was amazing but now its seems to have lessened and I don't know why. I think I need to be "re-introduced." I've started to read up things and listen to path again but its gonna take a long time for me to get on track.

I was hoping I could get some help from the anyone on the forum. The love is starting to flood back but the knowledge isn't there.


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Yeah Bro, Kirtan is the best way to get back in there. Also, have loads of Sangat of GurSikhs around you, if you can. Go to Rehnsabhai's (you will meet people there too), Sikhi camps are also good, and just talk to people who are Sikhs, and keep striving to learn more and more. Gurbani translation is a must, because we should know what our Guru is saying to us, obviously.

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yeah i'm trying to listen to as much raag kirtan as possible at the moment. Constatly listening to path and actively looking for a gursikh sangat around me. My area has a bad rep when it comes to gursikhs apaarentely, so hence "looking outside the box."

i been to a few akj Rehnsabhai's and they always get me going. The atmosphere is phat.

Anyone know when and where the summer camps are happening (and dont say the summer!!! lol!)

Oh yeah and how do i gat a pic on the left hand column where i have my name?


ps Saihajleen Kaur Khalsa assumed i was a bro! lol :P

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