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Mysteries Of The Sacred Universe


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Contributor: Jaivir Singh

The Vedas (oldest scriptures; divine knowledge given by God to Lord Brahma) and holy men tell us that a material universe is called a Brahmand and it consists of 7 netherworlds, the Earth world and 6 higher worlds:

1) Satyaloka

2) Tapoloka

3) Janaloka

4) Maharloka

5) Svarloka

6) Bhuvarloka

7) Bhu-mandala (Earth plane)

[8] Atala

[9] Vitala

10) Sutala

11) Talatala

12) Mahatala

13) Rasatala

14) Patala

the hells are located down here

Source here is the book "Mysteries Of The Sacred Universe" by Richard L Thompson. This guy has done a great job and delved into the various Vedas to paint a picture of the universe.

Bear in mind that this physical Earth that we live on is the greatest place where a being can be encased in a human body! The demigods are pining to be born in this realm!

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