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Did anyone watch Des-Pardes last nite....


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I see.... i need to watch more puraney punjabi movies.....

when i get more replies to this post, i'll let u guys in on a secret :wink:

alaakh niranjan, dukh bhanjan,

Baba Amardeep Singh jee maharaj msn walle da 2nd is gonna spoil ur surprise.

Are u in that New Harbhajan maan's movie? :D :shock:

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yah, rupy the spirit told me. Congratulation of ur forthcoming viah partytime2.gif

See i'd want a guy w nice eyes...and a good sense of humor, but someone that was intellectually on the same level as me, who won't be babied and who won't baby me....cuz i've seen that w some ppl, i don't like it....and generally someone that cares a lot

So mummy ji out hunting for that guy :D

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I think this movie is to show good side of Canadians or let's say NRI Punjabis. I think Punjabi population of Canada approached director of "Ji Aayin nu" so he can show good and wealthy Punjabis living in western countries.

They have shown the bad side and now be ready to see good side. Is "Daru" pag still an attraction same as "Ji aayin Nu"?

I hope im on the same topic because this is what I heard.

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Lol, u kinda r....

Yes we're talkin about the new punjabi movie...called Asa Nu Maan Watna Da....

But there's something extra special about this movie for me....but it's gonna release in May....

From what i've been told :wink: it's about returning to your roots...

But i don't know what the ending is like, been kept in the dark about that

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