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Scandal in Guru Ghar


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To All Members,

I'm going to start very sensitive topic, and if it’s online I think we should have discussion on this topic, so we can get the real story behind these stories.

I'm starting this discussion to bring these stories in front of our cyber sangat and I would like to invite all of you to share your knowledge in regards to this topic.

Please be aware of this fact, that I'm just cutting/pasting it so these are not my own home made stories.

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This incident relates to the time of Sixth Guru when he was forced to evacuate

Amritsar due to pressure from Mughal armies. He could not stay in Kartarpore

because of the opposition of his grandson Dhir Mal, the latter was even

successfull in snatching the authentic Granth Sahib from the Sixth Guru.

Guru ji eventually decided to move to Kiratpore where his eldest son Gurditta

was living.

This incident happened in Bikrmi 1673. A khatri named Bhai Guruditta Ghora a resident of Kolanore visited the durbar of the Sixth Guru. Bhai Ghora was accompanied with his wife and a teenage daughter named Daiya Dayi. The girl was extremely beautiful and every body in the sangat was struck with her appearance.

Bhai Ghora noticed that the even Sixth Guru was looking at his daughter. The perplaxed father got up and offered his daughter in marriage to the Guru. Guruji

smiled and explained " Due to ignorance, you have mistaken my intentions. I was thinking about the creative power of the Almighty who blessed her with such beauty. I consider your daughter as my own daughter. More over I have no intention to marry again in this old age" The blessed Ghora family decided to continue to stay in Kiratpore to do Gur seva.

It happened that Bhai Guruditta, The eldest son of the Sixth Guru,was badly smitten by Daiya's beauty. He convinced her parents to give her hand to him in marriage. His first wife cried foul in front of Sixth Guru. He immediately sent for Gurudiita who openly denied in the Durbar that he did not harbor any intention to marry Daiya, But within four days he took the girl as his bride without the knowledge of Sixth Guru. The Guru was very upset with the whole episode and declared that Guruditta should never come in his presence.

Sikh traditions say that Bhai Gurudatta committed another deed during the same period when he accidently killed a cow and again revived the dead cow to life

with his Braham Shakti, the deed of miracle was not approved by the Sixth Guru The Sakhis' quote that on hearing Guru's disapproval, Guruditta laid on the ground near Buddan Shaw's grave and left this world. Other tradition says that he drowned himself in river Sutlej.

Traditions also relate that Bibi Dayia was found to be pregnant and she gave birth to seventh guru in 1676 Bikrmi after the death of Gurditta.

Ref: http://www.sikhnet.com/sikhnet/discussion.nsf/SearchView/AB5C6184F5441CEE8725667E00696190?OpenDocument

Ref #2:

The incident was quoted from " Shri Sodhi Chmatkar' Twarikh Guru Khalsa"

Author Giani Gian Singh

Publisher Bhai Jwahar Singh Kirpal Singh

Page 477 Ras 6, Adhaiya 4

6 Tikka Guruditta jee kaa Chalaana

The incident is also detailed in

Mushin Fani's Dabistan II page 279

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It is a difficult task to construct a historical narrative from history books written primarily to cater the emotional needs of a particular religious creed. The settled belief patterns on being threatened by critical review of anecdotal historiography result in irrational response of anger and frustration. The historical truth is a relative term and can never be established to the satisfaction of all and sundry. The non historians have to interpret the stark reality of facts according to their subjective emotional belief criterion. Some historians may piece together scatter facts by employing explanations based upon common sense. This venture can also be taken as blurring of the objective reality by personal biases beliefs and cultural conditioning.

Let me narrate a controversial incident from the times of 6th Guru which will demonstrate the difficulties involved in establishing the reality and how belief of authors compromise and adjusts the narration. Kazi Rustom Khan lived in Lahore who had a daughter Kolan (lotus). She was a student of Mian Meer. She used to recite Sukhmani Sahib even though her father was vehemently opposed this practice. She had a personal glimpse of 6 Th. Guru when he visited their house for the financial transaction of a stolen horse. She started visiting the camp of 6th Guru which further infuriated the Kazi. More over he was also unsatisfied with the financial transaction with the Guru. It is said that he got a Fatwa issued against Kolan for associating with non believers and it stipulated public beheading of her. She ran to the protection of Mia Meer who managed to take her to the camp of 6th Guru during the night. The latter made arrangement for her flight to Amritsar. The historian DR. Gopal Singh says that Guru h

ad already returned from Lahore when Kolan fled from the city.

A special hut was constructed for her in phoolan vaali dhaab near the resident of 6th Guru. Baba Atal jee used to spent most of his time in the hut with her. Giani Gian Singh says that Guru used to visit the hut alone and during one of his visit she offered herself to the Guru. 6th Guru rebuked her for her amorous frenzy and advised her that the lust (vasana) is the root cause of human suffering. He comforted her that he would construct a sarovar at the site to commemorate her name for the future. Kolan gave all her jewels to the 6th Guru who sold them to Kotu Mal. The money was spent to construct the sarovar in Bikrami 1681 under the leadership of Baba Budha jee and the brick work was completed in Bikrami 1684. The 6th Guru proclaimed that the worshippers should take bath in Kolsaar before taking the holy dip in the main sarovar in the Hari mandir.

The story takes an interesting turn at this point. It is claimed that Sodhi Meharvan the son of Prithi Chand spread rumors about Kolan and the Guru. Many a times the followers of both creeds would come to blows over verbal affronts regarding Kolan's affair. The prominent Sikhs like Gopal Seth,Thakur , Nawla, Nihaloo Krishna, Triloke approached Bhai Guru Dass to discuss the issue with the Guru. Then they all went to Baba Buddha jee and related the problem who accompanied them to the durbar. They requested the 6th Guru to send Kolan out of Amritsar. The very next day she was sent to Kartarpore. She became very sick in her new abode and passed away after the 6th Guru's visit to Kartarpore just before the battle of Hargobindpore

Giani Gian Singh quotes that according to some historian 6th Guru actually married Kolan in Bikrami 1678. Sir KC Narang goes one step further in claiming that Kolan was a Hindu and her real name was Kamla and she was bought by the Kazi when she was child. Latif wrote that the Emperor Sha Jahan proclaimed a royal firman which banned the marriages of Muslim girls with non Muslim . The firman also exhorted that in case of infringement girls would be forcefully recovered from the non the Muslim Muslim husbands. Accorsding to Sodhi Chmatkaar Kolan was sent out of Amritsar just before the hostilities broke between Lahore and Guru Ghar

The facts are clear that there was a person Kolan who lived in Amritsar and Kartarpore during the time of 6th .Guru but to establish the details of her life story from the present sources is a task which seems well nigh impossible

The particular references are available on request.

Ref: http://www.sikhnet.com/sikhnet/discussion....1E?OpenDocument

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This is the last of the incidents which have been described under this series. My intention is to first present the events followed by explanations as presented by the tenth Guru himself. We do not have any independent documentation of the episode which could shed light from the perspective of the other party. Unfortunately the contemporary Sikh leadership of the time was uniquely reticent and silent unlike in the last two posted episodes where we heard the opposing concerns. This incident is vividly described by the tenth Guru in his Bani titled "405 ISTRI CHARITAR PAIKHANE" meaning 405 characters of women.

This incident happened after his return from a long stay in Paunta and just after completion of the fortification of Anandpore Sahib around 1696 AD. It relates to a young woman Anoop Kaur who used to live in Anandpore with her brother and an attendant Magaan Dass It is mentioned that immediately after her arrival in the city. She had the first glimpse of dynamic Tenth Guru. Smitten by the physical attraction of the handsome Guru. She began to pray earnestly for a private meeting with the focus of her desires.

One night Guru Ji decided to pay her a visit. He stationed his body guards around the house of Annop Kaur. He directly went to her room and closed the door from inside. We get two versions of what happened next. According to Guru's version the lady suddenly started shouting at the top of her voice that there was a thief in the house. She was trying to raise her neighbors. At this moment the door flung open and the Tenth Guru rushed out of the room. In this hasty retreat Guru Ji even forgot to wear his silk cloak and slippers. The running Guru was challenged by the agitated brother who tried to grapple with the physically stronger Guru. The fleeing Master grabbed the pathetic brother by the beard and flung him to the ground. In the ensuing commotion the Guru's bodyguards pounced upon the startled brother and began to severely beat him which abetted the escape of the their lord. The hapless brother was bounded and taken to the prison. In the other version Anoop's brother happened to return home unex

pectedly from an assignment and this untimely arrival resulted in raising of the panic alarm by Anoop Kaur.

Next morning the Guru Ji announced that he was missing his slippers and the silk cloak . The shaken Anoop Kaur was brought to the Durbar. She was made to confess to the ladies of the sangat in private that she was solely responsible for the attempted seduction of the reverent Master and admitted that the Guru resisted and declined her amorous moves during the nightly affair. Guru Ji forgave her for her stern audacity and assigned her an annual grant of 40000 Takkaas.

Reference: 405 Istri Charitar Paikhane, Guru Gobind Singh Jee.

To be contd.

Ref: http://www.sikhnet.com/sikhnet/discussion.nsf/SearchView/26EE5BD9CFA22880872566930011020E?OpenDocument

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