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What do you think of this laptop?


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The spec is good for the price its got. I spent £1900 on MY Laptop but its got a higher spec and it came with a 4mb pixel sony digital camera which costs £400 on its own :D

But me being me, has messed my Sony kaur up :( Rupy di najar laag gayi. I installed Active directory on it and promoted the server to be a domain controller, then removed active directory form the computer.

Now Winda takes 10 mints to logg off. :cry: :cry:

Pai gaiya pai Gaiya ,judaiya pai gaiyan

This is wat i wanted to buy but didnt have a credit card to pay for it. :oops: They dont do banktranfers

Check out these babies


Go here and u can customsie the system. I would suggest that you try to keep the spec to a reasonable, only ask for what u need. This way the price will be good.


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It depends on what you gonna use the system for. Like in an hours time i am off to visit a company, and gonna demo the software i made for them and install it.

So my laptop is very important, ofcourse i could be a real pendu and take my desktop comp to the company :roll: and enter their office by shouting, oye jonniya mai aagiya oye, software lena :twisted:

Cos i am on the late till night like 2 am most of the time, with my laptop i sit in the Rajai and work. Dont think u could do that with the desktop, not easily hanna.

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Like i said, if its a essential

Thats not what u said, You said "i dont know singh, is it essential " :wink:

First one was a Question and the second was a STatement. Dont brummies spink crapinglish?

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