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Shabad Guru CD (FREE) request 1 and share with others

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Waheguroo Jee Ka Khalsa!

Waheguroo Jee Kee Fateh!!

I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this message. Please move it if it isn't.

I recieved this email from learning zone yahoo egroup.


Dear Everyone, Gurfateh.

I am writing to introduce to you the "Shabad Guru Search Software" and the "Shabad Guru CD".

The "Shabad Guru Search Software" has been created to make the search for any shabad quick and easy. The Software comes in a CD, called the "Shabad Guru CD" which also has the "SGGS Darpan" and the "Mahan Kosh" in it. The CD includes "Gurbani Files" downloaded from gurbanifiles.org and a screensaver

downloaded from sikhnet.org.

The "Shabad Guru Search Software" has four search methods: (a)By Initials (b)By Gurbani ©By SGGS Page and (d)By English Translation. Full details and features of the software as well as step by step instructions on how to use it are included in a 'readme' file that is included in the CD.

For example, to search for the Shabad which starts on SGGS Page 527, line 15 in Raag Devgendaar by the fourth Guru, "Ab Ham Chelee Thakur Peh Haar", using the "Initials" search method, one merely needs to type the initials of the shabad (in English text) in the search query, viz: "ahctph". In this instance, it is possible find the shabad by typing only "ahct". The search result simultaneously displays line by line, the (1) Original Gurbani Text (2) English Translation and (3) Transliteration.

The SGGS Page, Line, Raag and Author of the Shabad line is also displayed in a corner of the screen, making it easy and useful for cross-referencing.

The SGGS Darpan and Mahan Kosh included in the CD make it possible for persons who can read Gurmukhi, to 'dive' deeper into the 'ocean' of the Guru's Shabad for 'shabad khoj' and research.

The uses of the Shabad Guru Search Software are numerous. It has been used


1. Shabad Search - by using any of the search options

2. Parmaan/Topic Search and Research - by using either Gurbani or English Translation.

3. Creating your own database of Parmaans/Topics by using the Bookmark features.

4. Doing Paath - with the Translation and Transliteration in view for reference.

5. Following Paath and or Kirtan being played on the audio/video/TV, etc

6. Listening to SGGS MP3 on the computer while following each line - (lets you do your own sehej paath!)

7. In Gurdwaras for Screen Projection - enabling everyone to participate in the ongoing Paath or Kirtan, and, enabling them to recite/sing along with the Paathi or Kirtania and understand what's being read or sung. Can be used during Akhand Paaths!

The "Shabad Guru CD" is for free distribution. If you would like to receive the free CD, please send your name mailing address to the undersigned. Please send NO money. If you would like to pay for it, please "pay forward" i.e., make as many copies of the CD as possible and give/send it to as many persons as possible. Make arrangements to have one installed in your local Gurdwara or Satsang place. Feel free to have it on your website for free access and for free download.

The Mission and Theme of this project is "GHAR GHAR ANDHAR DHARAMSAAL" (This tuk is from the Bani of Bhai Gurdaas Ji, who wrote this verse in praise of Guru Nanak's Missionary Work of spreading the Name of God to every home.)

The intention is to make the CD available to all Sikhs (and anyone interested) all over the world, by the coming 400th Parkaash Dehara of SGGS, free of expense to the recipients.

If you would like to participate in the seva of mass-distribution, please contact the undersigned. Your seva will involve the producing (making copies of) the CD and distributing it free of charge to individuals, Sikh families, Gurdwaras, etc in the area of your choice. The cost of this seva should be borne by you and/or party/parties wishing to participate. It is with cooperative participation of Gursikhs from all over the world that this Guru-inspired mission will be accomplished.

Being a non-profit venture of community service, we have been able to produce this CD quite cheaply in Malaysia. If you wish to source the CDs from Malaysia, arrangements could be made.

Chardhi Kalaa to All.

Kartar Singh



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