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the life of.... Mahant Asa Singh Ji Sevapanthi

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Mahant Asa Singh Ji.....a spirit always emersed in Simran and Seva.

(Translated and adapted from an article by Bhai Kahn Singh Sevapanthi)

Mahant Ji was born on the 9th December 1893 in the village of Fazal (District Meeavali Pakistaan). Baba Ji's dad was Bhai Nidhan Singh ji and Baba ji's mother was Mata Tehal Kaur Ji.

When Baba Ji was young they helped their father to sell and by camels and other livestock. But whilst Mahant Ji was young they also learnt a lot of Gurbani off by heart from their mother. Baba ji was always reciting gurbani whilst working day and night. Baba ji was not interested in work and continually increased in their love of simran. Baba ji had no attachment to material possesions.

Mahant ji's father decided that he would take Baba Asaa Singh to the Sevapanthi Deraa at Noorpur as Baba ji was not focused on working at all. Bhai Nidhan Singh told Mahant Gulab Singh that Baba Asaa Singh was not focused on working and was continually focused on reciting Gurbani. Hearing this Mahant Gulab Singh said,

"This child is not going to be a material man, let him live at the dera. He will sit in the Satsang, become a great Saint, and will do a great seva of the Panth. Because of him even your name will be mentioned in history."

Hearing this Bhai Nidhan Singh left his son at the Noorpur Sant-Mandali. So Baba Asa Singh Ji began his life of simran and seva. Baba ji learnt paath diligently and took part in all the seva oppurtunities that came up at the Sant-Mandali. Baba ji the took leave of Mahant Gulab Singh and left to learn kirtan at from Sant Vajeer Singh of Mitha Tiwana and after that Baba ji went to Sato Gali to the Taksaal of Bhai Mani Singh to receive santhiaa from the Sevapanthi Mahapursh there. After many years of learning different Vidiyas Baba ji returned to Noorpur Sant-Mandali in 1927.

Baba ji loved kirtan and recited Asa di Var in the morning and at night Aarti regularly. Baba ji spent nights at the edges of wells to ensure that whilst he was meditating he wouldnt fall asleep. Baba ji ate little and slept only a few hours. Once Baba ji did 125,000 mool mantar paath whilst doing a chalisa of 40 days. Baba ji lived by doing simran it was a natural not mechanical process. In 1931 Baba ji travelled to Sachkhand Siri Hazur Sahib in order to take amrit.

In 1947 in the midst of the bloodshed between Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs the Noorpur Sant-Mandali acted a haven for all people. About 5000 people took refuge in the Sant-Mandali. Mahant Gulab Singh successfully took these people from the Noorpur Sant-Mandali, to Sargodhe refugee camp to Amritsar. Mahant Gulab Singh, Baba Asa Singh and the other sadhus sent all the Sangat over to Amritsar first and then once all the sangat was safely in Amritsar the sadhus left for Amritsar with 60 saroops of Guru Granth Sahib, some copis of Guru Dasam Granth, two silver canopies, two big paintings of Guru Nanak Ji and Guru Gobind Singh. Nothing else was taken to Amritsar....

(to be continued.....)

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When Baba Asa Singh Ji reached Amritsar they stayed at the Dera of Sant Javahar Singh Mitha Tiwana Wale, and Baba Ji gave some Saroops of Guru Granth Sahib Ji to Sant Ji. After some time at the Dera of Sant Javahar Singh, Baba Asa Singh Ji travelled from Amritsar to a village called Mehmoodpur in Ambala and started to live in the Sarab-Sant-Mandali. In 1948 Baba ji arranged the yearly Samaagam in memory of Baba Jagta Ji Sahib at Mehmoodpur.

A few weeks later the families of Bhai Prem Singh and Bhai Chaenchal Singh took Mahant Gulab Singh along with all of the Sevapanthi-Sant-Mandali to Goiana Mandi in order to do an Akhand Paath Sahib of Guru Granth Sahib Ji. Three Akhand Paath Sahibs took place at Bhai Prem Singhs house and the families did a lot of Seva.

The Sevapanthi-Sant-Mandali stayed at Gurdwara Bhai Kala Singh on the request of the local Sangat. The Sangat began to flock to the Gurdwara Bhai Kala Singh. Mahant Gulab Singh saw that there was not enough water in Goiana Mandi. So Mahant Ji got together the Sevapanthi-Sant-Mandali and the local Sangat to dig out a reservoir that provided plentiful water for the Sangat and local population.

The Sangat of Goiana Mandi asked Mahant Gulab Singh Ji to build their permanent Dera in Goiana Mandi. Mahant Gulab Singh Ji saw that there was much need for the Parchaar of Gurmat in the local area, Mahant Ji gave the Seva of finding a spot for the Dera to be situated to Baba Asa Singh Ji. Bhai Prem Singh’s family put a large amount of money into buying the land for the Dera from Bhai Hukam Singh. The work on the Dera began straightaway and Baba Asa Singh and the Sangat worked along side of the builders and architects to build the Dera.

In 1949 whilst the work was going on at the Dera in Goiana Mandi the Sangat of Malot Mandi requested Mahant Gulab Singh to organise the yearly Samaagam in memory of Baba Jagta Ji at Malot Mandi. Mahant Gulab Singh Ji returned to Goiana Mandi to find that a small Darbar Sahib had been finished at the Dera. The Sangat carried on the work of completing the Dera. Mahant Gulab Singh Ji went to Amritsar to celebrate Vaisakhi in 1950 and stayed with Sant Javahar Singh Ji at Mitha Tiwana. It was here on the 20th of April 1950 where Mahant Gulab Singh Ji merged into the divine light.

Many Mahapurakhs of the Sevapanthi Maryada and the Sangat decided that the ‘Mahantship’ would be passed onto Mahant Asa Singh Ji and Sant-Bhai Hari Singh Ji was given the title of ‘Vazeer’. Mahant Asa Singh ji laid the foundation stone of the present day Darbar Hall in Goiana Mandi. Mahant Asa Singh Ji set up the Middle School and helped to build a Girls College themselves. Mahant Ji also built Guru Nanak library. Mahant ji helped many people to learn and grow both intellectually and spiritually. Mahant Ji always remained immersed in Naam-Simran and helped many of local Sangat to learn Raag Vidiya and Santhiaa.

Mahant Ji used to get up at 1 am in the morning, had an ishnaan (bath) and became engrossed in Naam Simran. At 3 am Mahant Ji recited their Nitnem then Mahant Ji used to do Parkash of Guru Granth Sahib in the Darbar Hall. Mahant Ji then used to recite Sukhmani Sahib in a raag-style in the Darbar and then Mahant Ji sang Asa di Vaar with true love. Mahant Ji used to sit at the Taabiaa of Guru Granth Sahib during the Darbar and used to organise Gurmat discussions and Katha Veechar sessions with the Sangat. Mahant Ji loved meeting other spiritual people and did Seva of any travellers and Sangat with their own hands. Mahant Ji loved nature and when they were immersed in Naam Simran in the outdoors Mahant Ji used to utter, “Paramatma (God), your nature is truly beautiful.â€

Mahant Asa Singh Ji Maharaaj was a truly blessed soul who remained focussed to the mission of Bhai Kanaihaya Ji all their life. They were full of compassion and love for all of Waheguru’s creation. On the 1st of January 1974 Mahant Asa Singh Ji merged into the divine Charan-Kamal of Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaaj in the early hours of the Amrit Vela….a great soul like Mahant Asa Singh Ji can only be summed up by the words of Guru Arjan Dev Ji (Ang 749)…

“Your Saints are very fortunate; their homes are filled with the wealth of the Naam.

bhaagtharhay har sant tumHaaray jinH ghar Dhan har naamaa.

They are beloved by Waheguru, and all of their actions are fruitful. ||1||

parvaan ganee say-ee ih aa-ay safal tinaa kay kaamaa. ||1||

My Raam, I am a sacrifice to the humble servants of Hari.

mayray raam har jan kai ha-o bal jaa-ee.

I make my hair into a fan, and wave it over them; I apply the dust of their feet to my forehead. ||1||Pause||

kaysaa kaa kar chavar dhulaavaa charan Dhoorh mukh laa-ee. ||1|| rahaa-o.

Those compassionate, humble beings are above both birth and death.

janam maran duhhoo meh naahee jan par-upkaaree aa-ay.

They give the gift of the spirituality, and are immersed in your Simran; they inspire others to follow the path of Truth. ||2||

jee-a daan day bhagtee laa-in har si-o lain milaa-ay. ||2||

True are their commands, and true are their empires; they are attuned to the Truth.

sachaa amar sachee paatisaahee sachay saytee raatay.

True is their happiness, and true is their greatness. They know Waheguru, to whom they belong. ||3||

sachaa sukh sachee vadi-aa-ee jis kay say tin jaatay. ||3||

I wave the fan over them, carry water for them, and grind corn for the humble servants of the Waheguru.

pakhaa fayree paanee dhovaa har jan kai peesan pees kamaavaa.

Nanak offers this prayer to Waheguru - please, grant me the sight of Your humble servants. ||4||7||54||

naanak kee parabh paas baynantee tayray jan daykhan paavaa. ||4||7||54||â€

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