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Guru Nanak Sahib's sharan.....


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When Mardana returned Guru Sahib Ji said ?Never mind Mardana, if the fakir will not give you water we shall have to find it ourselves. "Guru Sahib Ji pushed a small rock over with his foot and a small spring of water trickled out. Mardana dug a little deeper and the water gushed out. As the cool crystal waters passed by kissing the feet of the Guru, so the spring of the fakir began to lessen and soon stopped flowing. Seeing what had happened and his monopoly on the water over, the fakir became enraged and rolled a large boulder down the hill towards Guru Sahib Ji. Mardana saw the rock coming and warned Guru Sahib Ji, but Guru Ji did not move. As the rock neared Guru Sahib Ji put forward his hand and stopped the rock dead in its track. Vali came down and saw Guru Nanak Dev Ji?s face and was at once drawn to him. ?O, friend, those who live so high, should not be dry as a rock? said Guru Sahib Ji. Seeing the wisdom in his words Vali fell at Guru Ji?s feet. This place is now known as Punja (hand print) Sahib and the hand print of Guru Nanak Dev Ji can still be seen on the rock the Vali threw down, and a pool of crystal clear water still exists

The hand print of Guru Nanak Dev Ji can clearly be seen on the rock face.




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