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Kubler Ross' stages of dying..and Gurmat??

Guest Maha_Pavitar

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Guest Maha_Pavitar

"The acceptance of death transforms death" Paul-Louis Landsberg

Kulber Ross (a psychologist) is best know for the 4 steps of dying which are in bold below. There is a book I read years back in high school which narrates these stages, I highly recommend it:

'The death of Ivan Illyich' by Leo Tolstoy (a short novel)

denial of death because they are unable to admit to themselves that the patient might die and/or they will suffer the loss death represents;

anger by which the pain of loss is projected onto others;

bargaining which represents a last effort at overcoming death by "earning" longer life;

depression when the full impact of imminent death strikes them; and

acceptance when the grieving come to grips with the fact of the patient's death and make preparation for it.

Now..my question is..in 'Gurmat' do such stages exist?? Or is our goal to have sentiments of 'akal sahai' and hence have no ahsaas of these stages?

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