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SIKHI completed what others missed out - here is how

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taken from http://www.gurmatstudies.com/articles/khalsa.htm ( for full article please go to this link )

Unlike many scholars that say the Khalsa brought a new form to this world, I say that it did not. Instead, the Khalsa reintroduced the original form man was in at the beginning of time. The true form that God created us in. Even when we look at the bible, we see that there are many verses that explain the importance of the turban, here are just a couple:

And you are to do as I have done, you must not cover your beards, or eat common bread; you must keep your turban on your head, put your sandals on your feet, do not cover your beard. (Ezekiel 24:17-19, 23-24)

Thus a clean body, a clean white turban were pre-requisites for spiritual development of clean mind and pure soul. (Leviticus 8:9)

Prophet Muhammad himself spoke strongly in favor of the turban, as can be seen from the following hadiths (i.e. saying of Prophet Muhammad):

"The turban is a frontier between faith and unbelief."

"My community shall not fall away so long as they wear turban."

So we can see that this form was not knew, but instead the original form God created man in.

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