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The actual definition of Khalsa - this is so awesome!

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taken from http://www.sikh-history.com/sikhhist/event...nts/khalsa.html

Guru Govind singh was in search of a word which could have the sanctity of five and the presence of God. He adopted the word Khalsa for his Singhs because it fulfilled both the conditions in the most appropriate manner. Besides this word had already been used by Guru Hargobind for his Sikhs. In Persian script Khalsa conssist of five letters:

(i) Khe or Kh stands for Khud or oneself.

(ii) Alif or A represents Akal purukh, Allah or God.

(iii) LAM or L signifies Labbaik, which means

"What do you want with me? Here am I. What would

you have?"

(iV) Swad or S alludes to Sahib or Lord or Master.

(v) it ends with either A. Alif or A points to

Azadi or freedom.

The word Khalsa, therefore has the sacredness of number five as well as the presence of God with his singhs both engaged in a pleasent conversation. God himself asks the singhs:

"What do you want from me? Here am I. What would you have?"

The Singhs reply: "Lord! give us liberty."

taken from http://www.sikhreview.org/april2002/religion.htm

Renowned historian, Dr H R Gupta captures the etymological and philosophical/spiritual significance of each of the five letters of the Persian word, Khalsa - ‘Kh’ and ‘a’, stand, respectively for Khud or oneself and the Akal Purakh (God). The third letter ‘I’, signifies Labbaik, meaning the following question of God: "What do you want with me? Here I am. What would you have?", and the reply of the Singh (devotee) - "Lord give us liberty and sovereignty". The fourth letter ‘s’ signifies Sahib (Lord). The last letter is written either as ‘a’ or, more usually, ‘h’. The former signifies azadi or freedom and the latter refers to Huma, the legendary bird".


Guru Gobind Singh had such an amazing logic behind calling His Sikhs as Khalsa

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