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Guest Maha_Pavitar

Warmest Vaaheguroo Fateh,

Pyareo..I just wanted to say thank you for answering all my questions in this topic area. I've always felt left out because of my love for designing and computers in general, always getting teased by my family (lol). Ask our in-house technical support, I get calls from my parent's friends to do silly tasks on their computers..Plus, being a woman..a Kaur, who gives no hints that she is a techie, it makes life a bit interesting..

It's so fun to have sangat with people who know more than you, learn from you, are from various fields..great to share..Plus nothing beats 'modest singh's' comments lol! I thought I was well-rounded when it comes to computers, but you Singhs continue to amaze me! Thanks again for everyone's input and support..


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